Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Deer Season...Again!

With all the deer talk in the house since last Saturday,  dear friends, I've been hard pressed to even "think" about something to post!   I've been on the back of the 4-wheeler with Poppy, a  feeder, 2 fifty pounds bags of corn, and a camera as we made our way through the woods to one of his hunting spots.  I was needed to help hold the big barrel feeder while Poppy strapped it to the tree.  However, at 8:00 this morning I watched as Poppy pulled out of the driveway and headed south to his brother Joe's place, two hours away in Robbins...yes, Robbins, my most favorite small town in America!!   Actually, Joe lives more north of Robbins, near High Falls, than where I grew up in down town Robbins.  Joe has a nice country place on the river...lots of good hunting there.   Poppy and Joe have been hunting buddies since way back in the early 1960's...

That's Joe on the left and Poppy on the right in their Jungle Jim outfits!  Sorry about the picture quality..I still only know how to download a picture!! :)

I hardly know what to do first this morning...and here I sit at the computer!!  The plants in the garden need dusting.  I have already seen a tiny black worm on a collard leaf...the same kind of worm that totally ate the kale and cabbage plants last spring.    

Poppy plans to stay overnight at his brother's place, so I am in charge here today! :)  There is nothing cooking for supper tonight, nor will there be...let me tell you!!!  Pizza and ice cream sounds good to me!!!  Late tonight when the sky is black and the only sounds I hear are the crickets, frogs, or an old barn owl,  way out here in the woods alone, I may not want to be in charge any longer!!!

Last night while out closing the chicken house door I spotted this very bright sliver of the moon through the trees...

An old birdhouse built by Poppy several years ago...which houses more spiders than birds now, looked lonely in the darkness...

There something fun about taking pictures out in the dark.

A quick update on Fiona.  Now, Fiona may be a male but I simply cannot call him Theodore, or Fling Fling, so his name will remain "Fiona Ling Ling".  Anyway, he has grown very large and beautiful and waddles right up to my feet.  He likes his Old Roy dog food dropped into this pan of water...

This is not much of a post so thank you have stayed long enough to read this. :)  Hope to be back soon.

Henny Penny



  1. You should have come with him and visited me. I have been helping Frank get all of his hunting stuff together to. Thanks for the advice on my blog.

    Love Vicki!

    1. Hey, I should have. We do have a lot in common don't we. I've always thought Dan would enjoy being around Frankie since they both love hunting so much! This is the first year Dan has tried to bow hunt! I appreciate your comments on my blog.

      Aunt Melba

  2. That's a delightful picture of the moon, and I love Fiona fling fling !

  3. Good morning Henny - You have a good time eating that pizza and ice cream, you work way too hard! Love the beautiful moon picture, you must have a beautiful place. I wish you would take a picture of that worm on the collards so I could see what they look like, that way I would recognize it if it shows up!

    Fiona Ling-Ling looks beautiful and tall, all thanks to you. I still wonder where he came from!

    Your blog constantly reminds me of the beauty that is all around us, if we just slow down and look around us...enjoy your day! Terry

  4. Hey Terry, thank you for the nice comment. I love hearing from you. I will take a picture of one of those worms! Those worms totally ate my kale last year and this year. Love, Henny

  5. Dear Henny,
    What a sweet picture of Joe and Poppy.

    I would love it if my DH would get us a deer. Organic, delicious, tasty.....Yum, yum, yum.

    Off to paint the deck before the snow flies, and it will before you know it!


    1. Thank you Jen. Would you believe I am not good at cooking venison or any wild game! Poppy and I have been doing some outside painting too...before winter gets here. Seems too soon to be thinking "snow" again!! Love, Henny


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