Friday, March 8, 2013

Playing House (or Farm)

Poppy and I bought 5 acres of land in the country in the mid 1980's, but couldn't afford to build a home until we got the land paid for.  We had one payment left when we found a bank willing to finance a small log home for us.  We moved into this little house in November of 1989.   We both worked full time jobs in the city, which meant 8 hours working and 3 hours driving, (or sitting in traffic), 5 days a week.  We spent weekends cutting and clearing trees and Honeysuckle vines to make a yard and garden spot.  I dreamed all week about what I wanted to build or work on when the weekend finally got here.  I love being home now, but Poppy still works full time. 

I guess my point in telling you this is, if you want something bad enough, don't give up.  It takes a lot of patience and hard work.  We know what it is to struggle and to have to wait for things.   Poppy and I used to camp out in a tent set up in the woods where we wanted our house built.  I'm probably the only person that ever landscaped their yard using firewood.  (Not split wood, but the big limbs that were cut into pieces.  The curved pieces worked really good!!!).   That's how I outlined flower beds, paths, etc.!!

Living in a log home in the country has been a dream come true.  We have been through some tough times though, and some sad times.  I dream of owning a REAL farm but look, I catch flies and let them out of the house because I can't kill ANYTHING!!  Could I be a farmer???  I best keep playing here on my pretend farm!!

I'm headed outside.  The sun is shinning today!!!  Got lots to do, and I have a sick chicken to care for. 


Henny Penny


  1. Hey Mama,
    That's the sweetest post. I hope your sick chicken is ok.
    I love you

    1. Andee!!! What a surprise to get a comment from you. Thank you. I worried after I wrote this. Hope to talk to you tomorrow morning. I love you.

      P.S. The chicken is better!!

  2. Dear Henny Penny,
    What an inspirational background to your log cabin living. I once had a fortune cookie that read, "He who wishes to obtain freedom must undergo the fatique supporting it!" How you came to live in your sweet cabin brings this quote to mind.
    Life is so meaningful when shared with those we love, each giving their part to make the whole picture work out. So glad for you and Poppy!

    Have a beautiful day.

    1. Dear Jen, Thank you again. I love that true!! Hard work does make us appreciate things more. Hope to talk to you again soon.
      Love, Henny Penny

  3. Hey Mama Hen!!

    I love this post. And it's so true. I feel like I have started over, but I think there are dreams around the corner that will be fulfilled. I love you bunches! You should tell about the spider in your hat...

    Your gur.

    1. Hey my Gur!!
      Thank you. I worried about it, you know. That's funny about the spider. I will have to try and tell that story. It's OK to start over, and I think your dreams will be fulfilled. Love you bunches too. Mom


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