Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Sunny Day??

Poppy was off work Monday, the sun was shinning, and we were outside most of the day!!!  I keep a running list of things to do and actually got to check off something on that list.  I'm bad to get  distracted and spend a day working on things not even on my list!!  

We set out blackberry plants along the garden fence.  These were sprouts that came up from our one Apache Blackberry.

See the mulch on the right...there is something living inside that pile!!  There's a large, smooth, round hole in top front with an exit hole in back.  It looks like a groundhog hole, but would a groundhog live in mulch??

Need to get busy.  The weatherman says sunny but colder today with possibly a brief, passing shower...yeah it cloud up and rain all day!  Just kidding!  I appreciate the rain.

Love, Henny Penny


  1. Oh, I am green with envy! I looked at berry bushes this morning, but I am not sure where I'd put them yet. I better consult with the Mister. Your garden is so pretty. I cannot wait to see it once you get your veggies growing!

    Love you!!
    Lynn Dylan

    1. Hey Lynn, I will give you several blackberry plants. There were more than we needed so I stuck them in pots. I love you and miss you too!!


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