Thursday, November 12, 2020

Rainy Days

Tuesday, before the rains came...

Oh friends, I need the sun to keep me cheerful and going and right now I'm feeling pretty desperate.

The pouring rains started yesterday (Wednesday) morning. So here it is 3:00 pm (Thursday) and the rain is still coming down. At 8:00 this morning there were 4 inches in the rain gauge. Who knows how much now and it's simply too wet and messy to go check.

Maybe I should back up and talk about our warm and sunny day, Tuesday; with the back door propped open and the animals wandering in and out...

Tuesday was a day filled with sunshine and colored leaves; camellia blossoms and shadows on the porch. 

and looking a little closer, a Christmas cactus too. 

Most folks who love house plants  probably have a Christmes cactus, but this one is kinda special...

This cactus came from cuttings taken from an old, very large, Christmas cactus that belonged to Poppy's mother. She had it for years and years and when she passed away, Poppy's sister Pat, brought it to her house.

One Thanksgiving Day down home, probably five years ago, Pat gave me cuttings from the old plant. It is now blooming, for the first time...

Did you notice Eli's feet? Old sweetie pie. He is a sweet blossom alright!

Oh, let me tell you. I brough in all those "frocks" from off the clothesline and plugged in the iron. What a job! Made me wish I had left them hanging in the sewing room, dusty and dirty. That was a lot of ironing!

but the dresses are fresh and clean now and back in the sewing room. I finished another apron too...

Little farm animals. Here's another apron I finished last night...

Something about this one I really like. It's just pink and cute.

So, the teeny tiny sewing room is back in business now...
My neighbor Ann, out taking orders for dolls and aprons, has been just the inspiration I needed. 

Wow!  Update on the rain! It stopped somewhere around 4:00 and I couldn't wait to walk outside. Guess how much was in the rain gauge? 6 inches!! Six inches!! The town of Rocky Mount, a little northeast of us got almost 10".

Sure looking forward to seeing the sun tomorrow. Hope you will come back.




  1. My goodness that is a lot of water. Is it from one of those tropical storms that keep coming every couple of weeks?

    I love the pink apron too. Nice and simple and straightforward. The pattern of the pocket material is just perfect to go with the rest.

    In the last two weeks I've started two e-mails to you and still haven't finished either one. Too much raking going on I guess.

    1. Thank you Vic. It was too much rain at once. Hope you get the emails finished. I sure understand. I worked on this post for three days :)

  2. Oh Henny, I love your sunshiny pictures with the sun coming thru the windows. and Aren't your Christmas Cactuses just beautiful! Wow ...six inches of rain huh? Is that because of the latest hurricane that just came through? I hope you'll have some sunshine now so you don't get desperate to see the sun for a long time! Take care!

    1. Thank you Diane. Yes, all that rain was from that last hurricane. You take care too and have a good weekend.

  3. We had a nice gentle rain for about 24 hours and a sunny day today. I don't envy you.

    1. It's strange how we get so much rain at once. That has happened several times lately. Still waiting for the sun this morning. Thank you.

  4. How pretty your teeny tiny sewing room is and how beautiful are your aprons. Such a lovely spot on the porch looking outside to the autumn-hued trees.

    1. Thank you Kim. Looks pretty dull around here compared to the beauty that surrounds your place. :) Thank you very much.

  5. You did have a lot of rain! It's good that you can always stay busy sewing! I love that pink apron too. The pink stripes are really cute. How wonderful it is to have a Christmas cactus that came from Poppy's Mother's plant! Hope you two have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you Bonnie. Hope you both have a nice weekend too.

  6. Six inches! That's a LOT of rain. We haven't had sunshine in well over a week and another 5-6 inchs of snow is forecast for tonight. But next week it's supposed to be 49F one day so hopefully it will mostly melt. Along with the warmth will come rain. Every day next week apparently! What a crazy year we're living in!
    Now onto much more interesting and pretty things. I adore your sewing room. I think that's the only thing I really miss about living in the RV. I don't have a room for my craft things. I have two drawers full here in the RV and six totes of yarn in the storage garage. I have to drive there. To get yarn. I'm used to walking down the hall! I also had a beautiful closet full of shelves made especially for my yarn. So, yes, I'm a bit envious of your beautiful craft room right now. :-). The aprons are just lovely. I really like them both.
    I have to tell you a funny story. I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner tonight. Dennis was taking Chloe for a walk. There was a knock on the door. Only the second knock since we moved here in August! I opened the door and it was a policeman! He was looking for someone else but it was so funny to see his face. His eyes opened really big and he said, "You have an apron on!" I answered him yes, I wear one most of the time when I'm working around the house. He said he hadn't ever seen a woman wear an apron except in old T.V. shows and in restaurants. He said it looked nice and also that he didn't think the lady he was looking for would ever be wearing an apron and it was nice to meet me!!!!! Ha! Ha! I told him to be careful and be safe and to have a good night. That was that and he left.
    I love my aprons. I only have two now. When we moved I finally threw a few away that should have gone into the rag bin years ago but I didn't want to part with them. I don't know why more women don't wear them.
    Take care my friend.

    1. Oh Betsy, Thank you. I'm sure you do miss having your sewing room and all the shelves. I also envy you and think about what fun living in an RV would be. Poppy is always saying, lets sell everything and buy an RV. Plus, I would LOVE to be able to knit like you. You make the most beautiful things! Your story about the policeman knocking at the door and talking about your apron is so funny, especially the part about the lady he was looking for would never be wearing an apron. Hope you tell that story on your blog so more people can see it. That is the cutest story! I admire you so much for wearing dresses and aprons all the time. Thank you.

  7. Rain..! I do hate's so wet is'nt it..
    AND..with ALL this technology you'd think they
    could make it rain, just at nights! :). HeHe!

    Love the Christmas cactus, mine in the front
    room is just coming through, as you know, l
    only have house plants, don't do cut flowers,
    horrid thing to do to a flower, cut it, and
    put it in a silly vase, on a window sill..! :(.

    HeHe! When l got to the words 'pink and cute'..
    I thought..Hello! Are you talking about ME! :).
    Well..l'm pink anyway, don't know about the cute
    bit..! :).

    Best get on..busy morning on the PC..pop down for
    another lemon tea, few e~mails this morning, and,
    Whey~Hey..the sun's just up and shining through
    the Paddington Bear curtains..lovely! More please! :).
    🌱 🌽 🌿 🍅 🍆 🍈 🍉 🌱 🌽 🌿 🍅 🍆 🍈 🍉 🌱

    1. Maybe I remember seeing your Christmas cactus in the window where Charlotte lived?? Willie, when I mentioned the apron being pink and cute, I really was thinking about you. :)

    2. Yes! Your used to sit next to Charlottes
      pink bird~box in the dinning room, l moved it into
      the front room, on the coffee table and under the
      standard light...and it's doing wonderfully well,
      less light and drier thing for it! :).

  8. Hi Melba- Hope you receive more sunshine as you've had enough rain for now- I like to see the rain though too much can get a person down. Love your Aprons- you are so clever! We have what is called a 'Crab Claw Cactus' and it flowered this yer for the first time- glad you now have Poppy's Mothers cactus flowering. Best Wishes. KEV.

    1. Thank you Kev. I will look up 'Crab Claw Cactus'. It sounds interesting.

  9. How fun to see Eli's feet with the white cactus. My cactus is red with white center and has just started
    blooming. What rain you had! I'm like you, no sun-no fun. Makes me down in the dumps. Love the
    pink stripe apron. Very cheerful, and I hate ironing, so glad it was you, not me.

  10. Sunny day to you Miss Henny. I like the Christmas/Easter cactus too. I have them on/off. They bloom well for me. Yours is indeed very special and lovely. I'm stopping at the nursery garden center, I might take a look and see if they have one, I'm going to pick up the "Christmas Rose" Pointsettia get one every year. They are so lovely. Your sewing room is lovely, I would like to have a room to do crafts in and sew.

  11. Our average precipitation for the year is 12 inches. I can't imagine 6 inches at one time.

  12. Wow Henny, that's a lot of rain!! Your aprons look so nice(I only have one that I wear on holidays and Christmas baking) and I love the cozy sewing room! I don't have any space to work other than my kitchen table-with sewing and crafts stored in a closet. Your white Christmas cactus is absolutely gorgeous-never seen a white one before!

  13. Wow, that is a lot of rain. Loving the new aprons, the pink is so cute and the farm animals a real delight.

  14. Oh, my, you sound just like me with rain. I actually like a day of it now and then, but more than a day and I start missing the sun really bad. A few winters ago, we hardly saw the sun...I would go through the house and turn every light on. I just simply cannot function on day after day of dark, overcast weather.

    I have never seen a White Christmas cactus...kind of appropriate, though, isn't it. White like snow. My mom had one, she always left it in our dreary basement, and hardly watered it...and would bring it up and till it would bloom right around Christmas.

  15. Wow that is a lot of rain. Makes you appreciate the sun though! :)
    I had a Christmas cactus that was Ken's moms but I'm sad to say it died. I felt so bad.
    Love all your photos and always look forward to one of your posts.

  16. Oh my, that is a lot of rain. We have a friend who lives by Tampa. Her little porch area flooded. She is fine, just a mess to clean up. Thank goodness.

    I have never seen a White Christmas cactus before! It is lovely. I have a Christmas cactus passed down to me from my mom, it is pink.

  17. We had a couple days of rain here in NC with lots of flooding. Today is sunny, warm and beautiful!!! Im like you. I need sunshine.

  18. I have seen reports of terrible flooding in some places back there.
    I like the pink apron too.
    We have a very old Christmas cactus that belonged to Tom's grandmother.

  19. Wow - that's a lot of rain. It's been so cold and crummy here too.
    I love the aprons.

  20. I don't care for the times it rains seemingly with no end! I, too, need sunshine to thrive! I love the aprons! Where on earth do you find such cute fabrics? I have an Easter cactus that has only bloomed once. It had the prettiest little orange blooms. I wish it would bloom again! Well, sweetie, dry out and enjoy your weekend!

    Grace & Peace,

  21. That is an awful lot of rain to have in one session. I hope you didn't suffer too much from flooding problems.
    The white Christmas Cactus is beautiful. I have never seen such a pure white one before, and what wonderful memories to go with it.

  22. I love the sunny days too...I'm glad you are having a let up of constant rain. LOVE your aprons! Take care dear friend.

  23. Hi Henny :) Your aprons are so lovely! And so is that Christmas cactus! How special that it's blooming this year! :) That's a LOT of rain...we've had some but not nearly 6 inches! I'm happy to say we haven't had snow yet!!! :)

  24. Lots and lots of gloomy rain here, too but today is making up for it. Except for the lakes in our neighbors’ yards! I love your Christmas cactus. Don’t think I’ve seen a white one before, and such large blossoms.

  25. Pretty aprons that you sewed. You sure do have a talent for sewing. Your Christmas cactus is doing so well. I had 2 old ones and in a fit of silly I got rid of them. Now of course I wish I hadn't. Or at least I could have started a couple of new ones.

  26. Yes, that rain was overwhelming! At dusk, I had to go out and hunt down a small pullet that had fled the chicken yard. I was trudging in my boots in deep puddles -- holes of water :) Glad that's over! The aprons look lovely!

  27. Hi that big bird house.
    That is a lot of rain. I don't think any of us want that much. We are getting snow today so the woodstove is on for the day. Your plant is gorgeous. And how nice it has ben passed down to you. That does make it very special. I have four african violets from my mom and they are still going after 22 years. I love them.You should have lots of business come Christmas for your dolls and aprons. Good luck with that. Sending hugs to all...Deb

  28. Your sewing room is so tidy and everything in it's place. I wish I could do that. Pretty aprons. I am liking that pink one also. We are out getting up bags of leaves and those sprouted acorns. If I tried to sprout one it wouldn't work but they are crazy this year. We had a lot of rain but now it is sunshiny. Happy Tuesday to you, Betsy

  29. My goodness that is a lot of rain! I have never had luck with Christmas is such a pretty plant. How lovely and welcoming your little sewing room is! Your aprons are just so pretty! Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.

  30. What a beautiful cactus, I've only ever seen red or pink ones.
    We haven't had a decent rain all month, just a little drizzle or spitting as we call it in England.
    I love my apron you made, I've had many a compliment on it.

  31. Oh Henny,,, your 3 Frocks are lovely,, as are your aprons..
    FYI... since your Hens love the marigolds,, have you ever sprinkled lavender buds in with their scratch?
    Back when I had my small Lavender field (125 plats), at the end of season , I would prune all my plants and bagged the cuttings up and gave them to a friend who had lots of Hens... She said the eggs tasted wonderful...
    As for your Christmas Cactus,, I so want one,,, I use to have 2 plants but with moving in and out of State, I gave them away,,, and now, I can't find any here,,, mostly because of COVID, and low inventory stock.
    But I won't give up,,, I will ask around and see if anyone knows where I can get one.
    Have a lovely and safe Thanksgiving,,, and while you have rain, we have been hit twice with snow,, and now,, more snow is coming our way.. What can I say except... HoHoHo!

  32. I like the farm animal apron! That's a lot of rain. We have had endless days of rain, it's quite depressing. Yesterday was a bit sunny in the morning, but then clouded over and was quite cool. Damp again now. I am looking forward to the shortest day being gone and the light returning.

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  34. I do love that pretty pink apron! It looks like all those smocks and aprons are worth all the work of cleaning them! If it brings you joy then it's worth it! I need sunshine too to keep my spirits up, which we are sorely lacking the last few days! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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