Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Garden

Hey friends,

Well, after days and days of blustry winds and cooler than normal temperatures...the beauty and warmth of spring moved in...

and actually stayed several days, even long enough to get the teeny tiny garden planted...

as mama would say, "such as it is".   But it's a start.  Today, we have 59 degrees and steady rain...and this is supposed to stick around all week. 

This is my one horseradish plant. It grew in last year's garden but the girls I bought it from said not to harvest the root until the second year. Probably won't know what to do with the root anyway. 

and speaking of last year's garden...

do you remember the beautiful Leek that grew and grew? Well, it is no longer. Even the little bag of saved seeds have been misplaced. I loved that Leek!  Last year's garden was full of surprises and extra  special.
I've simply got to find another Leek plant. Lowes doesn't have them this year.

Anyhow, back to this year's garden...the teeny tiny row of red russian kale is looking good, however, I did see three pretty little blue butterflies dancing above the row which is probably not a good thing. 

Oh, and back to this picture. The old birdbath is cracked and no longer holds water. So, using the pretty white flower pot Andee gave me last Christmas, and the large antique bowl I found at Goodwill, put together with a verbena plant and a frog and some rocks, well, it's kinda pretty, I think. 

Not much to talk about lately except yard work, the garden, or back pain. So, I will finish up here with the garden Bee House...
not much difference except Poppy drilled holes in the ends of the sticks and I've added some big pieces of pine bark.
Still want to fill the large glass jar with bamboo pieces but haven't been able to find any.
I'm good at over-doing things...and may scare the bees away with the bark roof.

Hope I haven't bored you to the point of never coming back. Oh, and the back pain...I have an MRI scheduled for Friday. Hopefully, this will show if something has changed, causing more pain. :(

Thank you for visiting.




  1. Always enjoy catching up with your projects.

  2. Your garden always looks so well tended! I will be interested to see what you do with the horseradish. I don't care for it myself but Tom likes the sauce made out of it. The verbena in the white pot on the birdbath looks so pretty! It looks like it was made to go there. I don't know anything about making a bee house but it sure looks like you have a good start. I'm glad to hear you are getting an MRI so then the doctors will know what they are dealing with and the best way to treat it. I am sorry you've had so much back trouble. Henny - I just love that last picture - it looks like it came from a storybook!

  3. You're always so busy and get so much done. Your garden looks so neat and tidy and I really like the white pot in the birdbath. It all looks great!
    I hope you are soon able to find out what is causing your back pain. I know that's not fun as I have had back issues for several years.

  4. You've been busy. Great job with the old bird bath!!
    We've got your wind today!!!

  5. I had a telephone Physical Therapy appointment today, and as a result we are going to try some completely different exercises that I got pictures, videos, and instructions for on line, prescribed just for me in my own account. They seem easy compared to what I have been doing. I'm hoping this works. I managed a two mile walk today, which always makes me feel proud of myself, and better physically.
    I really like what you have done with the bird bath.

  6. I love what you did with the bird bath!
    You garden is looking good too.
    It's been raining here for several days. We have flood warnings and a nearby dam is failing..

  7. So sorry to hear about your back pain, Henny. Hope you find out what's going on, on Friday. I like the way you redid your's cool. That old leek plant is pretty interesting looking too! Wish you could send some of your rain our way..we have high fire danger with all the forests around here and sure could use some rain. Take care Henny!

  8. Your gardening is well under way. Looks good.

  9. What a fantastic way to use an old bird bath - it looks gorgeous, perfect for a quiet corner. I hope your MRI goes well on Friday. It is no fun having pain all the time. And hopefully your packet of leek seeds will decide to let itself be found so you can sow some of them. I've never grown horseradish, it looks to be quite a healthy flourishing plant :)

  10. Your garden is looking lovely Henny Penny = lots of colour appearing. That leek looks amazing - I hope you can get another plant somewhere. Spring is such a pretty time of year .. the season of Hope I always think. xx

  11. I grew Leeks one time years ago but for the life of me I cannot remember what I ever made with them.
    I've never tried growing Horseradish, in fact, I've never tasted any. I think it's probably too hot for me!

    I really like your bee house and am tempted to have a small one for the wild garden. And your old birdbath looks great the way you've arranged it. I love seeing what others do and find a lot of inspiration.

    I hope the MRI gives the doctors a good idea how to help you live pain-free.

  12. Oh! My! Henny..! It ALL looks so splendid..
    If l did'nt looks like something
    off a TV gardening program..! :).
    And..l do like 'BIG' things, and that
    includes plants..And! Yes! I remember last
    years leak! Amazing!

    The Horseradish plant is lovely to..if you
    look on line..Google'll tell you what
    to do with a plant it looks nice! :).

    And..the Bee Hotel looks great..all you want now
    are some Bees..perhaps you ought to get Poppy to
    stand nearby and wave his feather, it might
    attract a few..! :). HeHe!
    And..What's that in the bottom it a
    sheep..under the archway..! Looks like it..! :o).

  13. Hi Henny - All the very best for health in the future with your back pain. I like the Frog Water Bath and your Bee Nook. Best Wishes. KEV. (Sydney- Australia).

  14. I love how you have repurposed the bird bath, it looks charming and has real appeal. You are always so busy, it is a joy to visit and admire your projects.

  15. Beautiful post. Hope your back is better soon. :0( . I, too, love the bird bath arrangement...I also have repurposed my old one with flowers...such fun and adds so much yard art to enjoy. Take care and stay safe. Thank you for sharing your Farm beauty.

  16. I like what you did with the birdbath. A great idea.
    I too have misplaced a few garden things LOL.. must be running thru us all. I can not find some of my favorite garden steaks and my landscaping fabric for my tomato patch.
    Best to you regarding the doctor's visit.

  17. First off, I hope the MRI tells you what is or is not changing so you can get some relief. Then that frog! Oh my1
    I love it looking out. Used to have bull frog live down in our aerator system (like a septic) and I would have to
    feed him crickets and grasshoppers I caught for 5 years! He finally succumbed to a long life I guess. And butterflies,
    I have had 3 of my 10 Black Swallowtails hatch this week. The blue ones you saw should not do damage, but the little
    white Cabbage Whites will! Rain and cold in Ohio this week too. It will be summer before you know it and then HOT.

  18. I hope your MRI is not changed. I'll be praying for you.....

  19. How unusual for anything to grow the way a leek does...quite beautiful, too. My mom loves leek, she makes a creamy soup with it, which is real nice. I hope all goes well with the MRI and some answer is found to help with the pain. I'll keep you in my prayers. Can't wait to hear how those bees like their new place. We keep finding wasps in the house...can't figure out where they're getting in. We're not allergic (can you have a wasp allergy?) or scared, but it's weird. Oh, your mentioning the Goodwill find makes me long for a random trip to the thrift store. It'll be the first place I'll want to go shopping in, though God knows we have enough junk! But it's the best fun, no? Enjoy your spring weather and keep having fun projects to look forward to. God bless you!

  20. I love that last picture! Henny Penny Lane is always such a pretty place! I'm sure the bees will love the pretty bark. I do!

  21. Horseradish with chopped beets and vinegar. Oh, I wish I had that horseradish! Phil

  22. I love the birdbath you created with found parts. So pretty! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow for your MRI and I hope you will get some answers. Take care!

  23. I love what you did with the bird bath. What plans do you have for the Lemon Verbena? I remember the leek plant that was so neat how it bloomed. Thank you for stopping over and leaving a comment. Enjoy planting in your garden.

  24. I could never be bored reading your lovely posts! How pretty your garden looks and I just love your bee house! Have a wonderful weekend

  25. Not good on the back pain! I hope you get it resolved.
    You may have inspired me on the bird bath - we have one we inherited with our new yard, and I'd like to turn it into a planter.

  26. I so enjoy seeing what's going on in your garden. Your birdbath is delightful . . . you have a talent for bringing everything together in such an enchanting way. It is always a pleasure stopping in for a visit :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  27. Nice pictures. Good luck with the MRI.

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  29. I am SO sorry about your back pain, HP!! That is a misery, for sure :( I hope the MRI shows something that they can treat that will help you. I know you want to be doing so many things, and that pain slows you down.
    The garden is lovely - and so tidy and perfect! Beware the horseradish; it will TAKE OVER any area you put it in, and even if you try to dig out the entire root, it will still be an escape artist and move around your garden. Sadly, that is true in our veggie garden. It pops up everywhere now.
    Verbena! I wondered what that was! I planted some last year, and had forgotten its name. Your bird bath arrangement is absolutely charming! I love it.

  30. I'm so sorry to hear you're having worse back pain, Henny!
    Prayers for a quick recovery.

  31. Hope you get some good news from your medical tests! Your little garden looks great!

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