Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Ginger Snaps

My reason for ever going in a Dollar Tree store is to buy cookies. This kind of cookie...

Oh my goodness! Do you like ginger snaps? 

Well, if you do, these are the best, and these Lil' Dutch Maid ginger snaps actually have a little ginger in them. :)  

Lil' Dutch Maid. Cookies made in the U.S.A. This company has been around for a long time, and listen, you can eat 5 and get only 120 calories...except I usually eat 10.

Aw, here's something else, "Mama, and ginger snaps"...

Mama used to tell me about leaving home and going to work in a textile mill in the big city of Ashboro, NC. Back then there were lots of hosiery and textile mills around.

Mama rented a room in a boarding house. Anyhow, she loved tea and ginger snaps. After walking home from work she and a friend would carry their tea and ginger snaps and sit out on the front lawn. 

It was there that she met Daddy. Just so happened that he was working in a mill in Ashboro too.  Mama said the first time she saw him, he was wearing white slacks and had on a white flat cap, or newsboy type cap. He was tall, very handsome. Daddy always wore a hat of some kind. 
well darn, he's not wearing his hat here...anyhow, you can see that he is tall and handsome. Sorry, I've posted this picture a dozen times. (that's me hanging onto Daddy's coat tail).

Oh friends, better get going. Wish me luck. I'm getting a perm today. Yes I am...after promising myself, never again! But my hair needs bounce and body! Will let you know. 



  1. I love those ginger snaps Henny, and what a bargain price !
    The story of your dad and mum meeting is so special, he was indeed a handsome gentleman, and your mum was beautiful, you look so much like her !
    Good luck with the perm, if it's too bouncy, it will settle down in a few weeks :)

  2. HaHa!'s summat medical about ginger snaps...
    Ginger snaps may help in treating nausea and motion sickness...
    Ginger snaps also have anti-inflammatory effects, thereby are
    important for problems like rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis,
    ulcerative colitis and bursitis...They improve the absorption
    and stimulation of essential nutrients in the body...! :).
    AND....I~LOVE~GINGER~SNAPS...!!! :o)

    And l love old photos of ones family and friends, l've a
    box full..mostly sepia..going back to grand parents and
    great grand parents..l have a very large family, most
    Sicilians do..though not so, now~a~days..! :(.
    And..that's a lovely photo t the bottom there..Nice..! :).
    HeHe! What do you get when you cross a perm with a rabbit?
    ~~ Curly hare~~
    (sorry..only one l can think off)...

    1. Curly Hare! Well it's a good one. :) Glad to know that about Ginger snaps. Thank you.

  3. Oh what a beautiful picture! I don't actually care for ginger but love using it in baking. It smells sooo good! We should be neighbors. I could bake them then just pass them over the fence:-)

  4. Your handsome dad and lovely mother surely did have a beautiful little daughter! I love the little dress you are wearing! I have added the cookie to my shopping list!

  5. I don't think I've ever tried them.

  6. Henny your family is a very nice looking family. I love those little I tell my daughters all the time..who ever thought two cookies was a serving? LOL. Good luck with the perm, blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. Hi Henny: First off, thank you for your kind words about Annie. I appreciated them very much.
    I love the old black and whites and have an album full of family photos going back one hundred years. They are treasures.
    Your dad was very handsome, very tall. My dad resembled him a bit but was shorter; 5'9". Don't you love the clothes back then.I'm sitting here typing in jeans and a sweat shirt. lol
    I love ginger snaps because I am a tea nut and they go so well together.
    Would love to be able to sit on the porch and share a pot with you. :-)
    Sending love to you, Poppy and the furry and feathered little ones. xo

  8. I love a good ginger snap, especially with a cup of Irish tea! Your daddy sure was a handsome man, and your mom lovely!

  9. These ginger snaps are the BEST! I love them with coffee in the morning and with tea.

  10. Love that sweet photo of your folks! I told Adam about your recommendation for ginger snaps. He loves them, but we've never bought that brand. Will look out for them.
    A perm!! Nooooo! Last time I got a perm was in 1988, I think. Yikes. Yours will probably do fine. But isn't your hair long? Do post a pic.

  11. Good remembrance of your Mom and Dad. Good that they told you how they met.

  12. Fun family memories triggered by those ginger snaps.

  13. You were just adorable and your parents were a good looking couple! I love the family photo.
    I like ginger snaps too and will have to look for that brand.

  14. You are absolutely right about those being the best Ginger Snaps! That's the reason I go to Dollar Tree, too. I love having tea and snaps for an afternoon treat!

    Thanks for reminding me of a much needed cookie run! I will go in the morning!

    Grace & Peace,

  15. Nice memories! Simpler times. :)

  16. So nice to see the pictures.
    Yes, I do like gingersnaps but have never had that brand. I have a good recipe but haven't made them in ages.
    Will have to make them sometime soon.
    Good luck with the perm. : )

  17. Oh my goodness, I used to get perms - even spiral perms! Don't know if I could handle that strong chemical on my head anymore, but I hope yours turns out just the way you want it. I like ginger cookies and I make a molasses spice cookie (more of a soft cookie) and gingerbread cookies at Christmas time. -Jenn

  18. Hope your perm turns out okay! I enjoyed seeing the old photos!

  19. Now that's a come hither look if I ever saw one. Your Mom must have been something special. Your Dad's not bad looking either. Must be how you turned out so good looking. I love old pictures. Too bad that the ones being taken now, although sharp and in color, just don't have the allure of those old black and white snap shots. Those just somehow caught something "real" about the subject.

  20. I hope the perm turned out well and you're happy with it! I love ginger snaps, especially dunked in coffee. :) I buy a number of items and Dollar Tree, but have never looked at their cookies. I usually get black olives and albacore tuna. Even Aldi is higher than Dollar Tree for those items.

  21. Ooh I love ginger snaps. Ginger is good for the tummy, ya know! Oh gosh, I haven't gotten a perm since I was in my twenties. My hair is so flat and blah right now because I am letting the gray come on in.
    That's a good pic of your mom and of the three of you. I love black and white photos.

  22. I love that old picture of you with your parents. You were so cute hanging on to your dad.
    I hope you're happy with your perm. I remember coming home after getting one and vowing never again! Seems they're always TOO curly at first.
    I wonder if we have that brand of gingersnaps in Canada. I must check that out.

  23. I love grandmas love story Thanks for sharing. I love cookies but I can not remember eating a ginger snap even though I am sure I have a some point. I hope you and Poppy are doing well. Love you bunches

  24. I love those family pictures you have. Your Dad was so handsome and your Mom was just beautiful! That picture of you is adorable! I love ginger snaps too, especially with a cup of hot tea. I hope Poppy is feeling better. Take care Henny!

  25. What a beautiful family you have. You're right, your Dad was very handsome and your Mom was model gorgeous. I've never been fond of ginger snaps or gingerbread either. I don't know why. However, I do shop at Dollar Tree a LOT and always find some very good deals there.

  26. Such a beautiful photo of you and your parents. I love a ginger biscuit and yet only bake them around Christmas.

  27. Hi Henny- That is a lovely photo of your Mum and the one with you with Dad and Mom is absolutely tops! I do not know the difference between your US 'Ginger Snaps' and the OZ ones- ours are so hard they'l break your teeth and the best thing for them is to dip them into your mug of coffee or tea to soften the biscuit up enough to eat it. Cheers. KEV.

  28. Love your story. We used to buy ginger snaps all the time, but we used them for treats for the goats. They'd get one after they were milked, and they knew that every day. I used to get an extra bag for us too.

  29. Oh, I've missed your blog! I have been attempting an online fast/diet, again...but alas, here I am. I really love your Mama's ginger snap story and that's a beautiful family photo. I can see the beauty in all of you, along with your handsome dad who seems like a gentle and kindly man, too. I have a feeling I know what a ginger snap is...But I can't be sure I've eaten them before. I hope you had fun at the salon-- I need a haircut badly. As always, I'm debating whether I should go to First Choice Haircutters but I will probably just cut it myself. It is looking quite awful... Oh well, one survives bad hair days, no? Blessings to you!

  30. Love that picture of you and your parents! I never get tired of you talking about your mama. XO Terry

  31. I hope your perm turns out beautifully, Henny! Will you show us a photo?
    Gingersnaps are so yummy!

  32. One of my favorite cookies, and yes, I buy the same brand at the dollar store! Phil

  33. Oh Henny, my father was born in 1916 and he wore a fedora all his life. Always with the shirt
    tail tucked in and a belt. My mother in a dress so much like the one your mother had on. I
    would prefer we all go back to wearing decent clothes when out in public.
    Enjoy you tea and cookies, I just had a cup of Darjeeling.

  34. I buy cookies at the Dollar Store, too. And it all started with their Ginger Snaps, they are the best! We also like their Windmill Almond cookies. Ginger snaps and tea has always been a comfort food to me and I especially like them when I'm not feel up to par. I love that photo of you and your parents and I enjoyed hearing your story of how they met. It is always interesting hearing how couples meet.
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your perm. I've also thought about getting one and thought that it would be something that I would never do again :) Funny how much we think the same . . . I think we were suppose to be sisters:)
    Have a wonderful day.
    Connie :)

  35. Oh, Henny, I have not seen that pic that I remember...I am so glad you shared both pics...loved the story that went with them.

  36. I like gingerbread but not ginger snaps for some reason. Judging by your recommendation and all the comments, I think I will try some for Paul who does love ginger snaps. I love the story about how your mom and dad met and the sweet photo of you with your handsome daddy.

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  38. Those ginger snaps are the best! Cheap too! Love seeing your old pictures and good luck with your perm!

  39. Good luck with your perm Henny! The last perm I got was in the 80's and I dubbed it the "poodle perm"...that hairdresser made the curls so darn tight lol! The photos are gorgeous and yes, your pop was a handsome man! I love gingersnaps too and I attempted to make them once and they turned out pretty well! :)

  40. Hey, mama! I've been catching up on your blog. I love you so much. All of your posts are so interesting, even to me, someone who knows the stories but loves to hear them again in your sweet words. I am sitting in a pile of papers and ephemera. Jason is cooking. I have worked extra hard the past couple of weeks. Feels good to sit down. Okay, I love you -- again -- and I will talk to you soon. From your girl who is less like you than Andee is, but part of the trio nevertheless. xx Your gir

  41. Hope the perm turned out well. Your Daddy was very distinguished looking. Thanks for sharing as I had not seen this photo.


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