Wednesday, January 22, 2020


I was in the sewing room last night? Some nights it's a job just keeping Dumper out of my sewing chair, off my pattern pieces, and away from the pin cushion.

You may remember the story of Dumper's expensive surgery several years ago. That's right. Was doing some hand stitching on a bonnet when Poppy called.  When I got back to the sewing room, the needle and thread were gone from the bonnet. An X-ray at the vet's office was all we needed. Cost us $800.00 but we still have little Dumper.
He loves this cutting board, but his favorite toy is tied to the end of that string underneath's a few Guinea feathers I picked up in the yard.

Anyhow, I did manage to get a little sewing done, in fact, lately have finished four little pinafores...

Pinafores like these used to sell good at craft bazaars. Don't know why I ever stopped making them.

Haven't quite finished this one...
but have three more cut out in a size 6.

Also pulled out the pattern for the girl's Pioneer Bonnet...

The rain finally stopped but good grief, the high winds and freezing cold that moved in still keeps us inside. Whew! and with all the trees gone from across the road, there is absolutely no wind break from the north.

and if you are wondering where Smokey has been all this time, oh he was in the sewing room too...
behind the bed. He must have partied all night.

Weetie and Smokey are our big eaters! This is normally where they sit and wait for someone to come by and ask, "are you hungry"? See that pitiful look? 

Guess that's about it for now.  Poppy and I have been cleaning out and moving things around a little. Will save that for another time. 

Appreciate your visiting.


PS. Dr. Davis gave me back the rusty needle and thread he removed from Dumperoo...


  1. We've also had that cold north wind barreling down on our house across wide, empty fields. Brrr. It's been too cold for my liking. Your kitties are hilarious :)

  2. Oh my gosh! A needle and thread! A long time ago, one of our cats ate a twist tie from some plastic bag in the kitchen. We didn't know until we saw it in a litter box! We (and the cat) got off lucky! Beautiful sewing! -Jenn

  3. sorry your kitty got into that needle and thread years ago. How scary and how expensive too! Your pinafores are just darling and so are the pioneer bonnets. Oh, what a change now that you don't have that windbreak from the North. That's awful. So sorry they took all those trees away. Stay warm and cozy inside until the weather gets better. I guess we'd better do that for the next 3 or 4 months up here! Ha!!!

  4. Such wonderful mementos. Surely worth $800.00 and of course Dumperoo too.

  5. Naughty naughty - he ate a needle?! What gorgeous pinafores. Holly Hobby was my favorite as a little girl.

  6. It's hard to believe that a cat could swallow a needle and thread. That's amazing ( and costly).
    The picture of stretched-out Smokey made me laugh.
    The pinafores are so cute! They'll sell like hotcakes at craft fairs.

  7. I love the picture of Dumper underneath the cutting board! Makes me wish I could have a cat in the house. And some little girls are going to be so happy to wear your pinafores! I like to make small aprons.

  8. Poor little Dumper just didn't know the trouble he was causing! I also love his sweet pictures. The little pinafores are just precious!

  9. Oh no, poor Dumperoo! I know cats love to help out in the sewing room. My cats just love it but I am real careful to keep dangerous things away from them, but they can be sneaky little critters! I just love all your pictures in this post! Those pinafores are so adorable. I bet those will sell fast. Dumper looks so cute playing with the fabric strip. My cats love to play with strips of fabric like that too. And Smokey is funny sleeping on his back against the wall. Our male cat, Zeus, sleeps on his back against the wall like that and we say he is "holding up the wall" for us.

    Take care Henny!

  10. Poor baby, after that needle and thread incident I'm surprised he still likes to be in the sewing room. In our experience usually they remember and avoid the "scene of the crime." Love the stretched out Smokey. He's a beautiful cat. Our Chloe has those same "I'm hungry" eyes. They make me feel terrible but she would eat all day and night if we would let her. She was a starved orphan before we got her and she's never forgotten that.
    I love your pretty pinafores. It will be a lucky lady who buys one of those.
    I hope the weather improves for you soon. We finally have above freezing temps for the first time in weeks and have a bit of snowmelt. Yippee!

  11. Ah! Bless! I think like Miss Pippi and Blackie
    over on Julie's post the pussy~cats just want
    to help and make sure your doing it ALL in the
    right way Henny! :).
    We all know that pussy~cats like to make sure
    it's all done right! Once that's done..a long
    snooze is called for..! :).
    Oh! Nice to see Weetie..Don't think we see enough
    of him, though he's mostly asleep..are you sure
    he's a dog..! :o).

    The pinafores and bonnets look lovely, dare l
    say it..worn a few in my time...HeHe! Even as a
    babe, l wore a bonnet..but then we Sicilians tend
    to be a bit different..! :).

    Well..just gone seven, still dark over here, sunrise
    in about half hour..of to town, market day to~day,
    weathers o.k. dry with a bit of sun, o.k. for the
    rest of the week..but..first, another lemon tea is
    called for..God Bless! "Onwards and Upwards"......
    ☕🍰☕🍰☕ 🍰☕🍰☕ 🍰☕🍰☕ 🍰☕🍰☕ 🍰☕

  12. Hi Henny-Whilst it is cold there- we're at 100Deg F breeze tonight - mostly uncomfortable though nothing compared to the people experiencing the Bush Fires. Dumparoo has a certain amount of luck for sure. Do like your Craftwork. Stay warm there in Northern Carolina. Regards. KEV.

  13. I love those aprons. No one makes them around here. They would sell great too.

  14. I am sure you do miss the wind break! And the look of the beautiful trees.
    It was 10 degrees here Wed. morn but no wind. That was unusual for us.
    I see you have been so busy sewing, wow. The pinafores look lovely!
    Of course, so do the kitties and dog. Thanks

  15. Love the pinafores. Especially the one with the cats.
    Smokey has found a nice corner there for sure!

    Sorry you have lost your windbreak. :-( That makes a BIG difference. Any chance of planting something to grow and replace it?

    Weetie and Smokey are obviously famished! :-)

  16. Things have been busy in your sewing room. How awful to have swallowed a needle and amazing the vet could get it safely out and that Dumper still wants to play in the sewing room. Smoky is so funny sleeping upside down. Rosie used to do that but she is 13 not and much too dignified.

  17. Strange that the cat could swallow a needle. I remember a young girl next door to us over 30 years ago knelt on a sewing needle that went right into her knee and she needed an operation to remove it. The aprons are lovely and just the sort I would like but a much bigger size. do you have a pattern that can be purchased or do you have the details of the pattern maker and number. would love to make some of them for myself.

    1. Hey Pat. The pinafores are made from an old Simplicity Costumes Pattern #8234. I have used this pattern so many times, it is worn thin. Thank you for leaving a comment.

  18. Oh Dumper! I'm so glad he is ok. I love the aprons!

  19. That is my biggest fear, one of the pets will get into something and eat it and we have to pay to have it surgically removed! One of our cats is like Dumper, he eats time I had to force feed him some vaseline to get him to throw up six rubber bands he snacked on when he managed to open the (child proofed) kitchen cabinet! Smokey lol...I love when they stretch like that! Your pinafores are so lovely Henny!!! Such talent!! :)

  20. The pinafores are really lovely.
    Wow that was an expensive trip to the vet but at least Dumper was OK.

  21. Cute pinafores! We had a cat that would eat embroidery would come out eventually...the Vet said never pull on it.. no needles though...poor Dumperoo he is lucky to have you to care for him!

  22. Oh my Jenny Dumpster is one fortunate kitty that He survived. Love seeing your fur babies. The pinafores are wonderful. Your sewing is always a delight to see. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  23. Oh goodness gracious, I did not know about Dumpster. I had to chuckle that the Doc gave you the needle and thread. What memories.
    Smokey is so cute laying like that, it just makes me smile.
    Love, Carla

  24. Wow, Hennie, Dumperoo was so lucky! I love the little pinafores, you are so talented at so many things, I am so glad to see that you are taking time to enjoy sewing. The winds and cold are back here too, its a damp cold wind, too. Love Terry

  25. Got a much needed chuckle from your post. Smokey's legs stretched out...too much.

  26. Love the pinafores...And Smokie lays like Bubbie does. I can tell the both of them suffer from not being taken care of...LOL


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