Saturday, August 10, 2019

Eli's 'after' picture and other things

Thank you so much for the comments on my last post. 

Thank you to Sue, a new follower. 

A morning glory volunteered and climbed the garden fence...
a skimpy looking little vine, but I'll take it. 

Just about every summer I plant a morning glory seed but never see one grow.  

This blue bird box has attracted more than a vine this summer...
Back in early spring we were tickled to see a pair of blue birds going in and out, busy building. Wasn't long before the little female moved in.

Early one morning when Poppy was walking Eli, he spotted a five foot black snake wrapped around the pole with it's head right at the entrance to the box. Poppy's quick action saved that little family.

As soon as the Blue Bird family moved out, a big spider moved in. I guess he can stay, for a while, or at least until next spring. Hopefully he will eat plenty of insects from the garden. We have sure had a bug infested garden this year!

Oh, but look at these...

The driveway and the goat lot were full of these Eastern Yellow Swallowtails. I was making myself dizzy trying to get a picture of them's almost impossible! I took picture after picture and captured only 2 or 3 butterflies. But then...
some of them lit on the ground.

and as promised, here is that 'after' picture of Eli...
Oh my goodness, he smells so good and feels like a big plush comforter...

When I ask if Eli was a good boy, the groomers say he is the best! We love the girls at The Animal House!

our walk around the pond

Oh, look what Weetie got in the mail...
Poppy ordered her a brand new bed, Weetie says it just perfect.

and I have a little cat know how cats enjoy teasing us...

Poppy yelled, "Mel, hurry! Come look at Smokey"! Well, there was smokey, way up on the roof of Poppy's shop, meowing like he needed help. We dragged the tall ladder over to the shop and I climbed up. Of course, Smokey stayed just out of my reach, staring at me. 

We decided to leave the ladder, which was almost as tall as the shop and Smokey could come down by himself. So, as I started down the ladder, Smokey ambles over to the edge of the roof,  jumps to the nearest tree and beats me to the ground.  

Cats delight in making us look foolish, don't you think so? :)

Here it bedtime, and too late to sew tonight. I've made a new skirt for the sewing table, but I'll show you next time. 

Thank you for visiting.


PS: Granny Marigold, the bunnies are fine. I need to do a post about them. "Chief, Son of Bun" is a digger, and has dug a tunnel in his part of the lot. :)


  1. How nice that a Morning Glory decided to come up as a volunteer. I have some that came up even in the gravel in front!
    I love those butterflies!!
    Eli looks SOOO handsome; Weetie looks quite cozy in her new bed.
    I'm glad your bunnies are doing well. I was afraid they might not be since it had been a while since you mentioned them.
    I smiled at Smokey's trick, fooling you into thinking he was in distress.

  2. Eli is gorgeous! He must be a job to groom though.

    We had a cat do something similar. Rascal used to play a game with my son, "rescue me off the garage roof." He would cry and cry until my son got out the ladder and got him down. One day I was home alone, so when Rascal started yowling I went out and told him he'd have to get down himself. Within just a few minutes he was down and at the back door asking to come in. Cats!

  3. Fun to watch birds set up house and raise a family. Pretty scary with the snake. I had red breasted nuthatches nest in the yard.

  4. Everytime I see Eli I want to give him a big hug! He looks so soft and cuddly. That's funny about Smokey and it is so typical cat. I think cats love to find ways to make us look silly. I'm looking forward to seeing the new sewing table skirt!

  5. Don't you just love to burrow your face right into that soft clean coat of Eli's? He Is a handsome gent. When our cat used to do things like that, we would jokingly say we better call the fire department. We love our blue birds! We have four boxes up this year and have another new one we need to get up for next year. My blog had some issues, so I have started a new one at I hope you will look me up!

  6. Wild morning glories have a way of multiplying. :-)
    Smoky was probably just saying "See what I can do?"
    But yes, cats are like that. :-)
    Eli looks quite handsome.

  7. Awww! Eli looks so squishy soft. I'm sure the girls DO love him. Who could resist? Love the new bed too. Weetie looks very comfortable in it. Those cats. Ours used to do the same thing. So frustrating. I finally gave up trying to get them down from the shed roof. They did it on their own very well as soon as I turned my back. Every time.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

  8. Goodness! Me! Where to start! Where to start! :).
    Well..I think Eli looks amazing..the last photo
    of him is absolutely lovely..never seen a dog
    looking soooo white! You would'nt loose him in the
    dark, would you!
    HeHe! And Weetie's new bed..Bless! At least Eli will
    never use it's 'ALL' his..! :).

    Your bird box has a few stories to tell, lucky Poppy
    saw the snake..hope the spider is happy there for a
    while..l do love spiders..l could watch them for hours!

    And the Swallowtails are lovely..think you'll find they
    were mating..
    Mating starts as the two attach themselves by the tips of
    their abdomens. The male begins to mate with a female, a
    set of "claspers" at the end of the abdomen will open and
    clamp down on the female's abdomen. Butterflies mate facing
    in opposite directions with their abdomens attached...Why?
    Perhaps they've got ugly faces..! :o).

    AND..What can we say about pussy~cats that has'nt already
    been me they are the most wonderful creatures on
    the planet..I~LOVE~THEM~TO~BITS...! 😼 🐾🐾

    Nearly 7:30 over here..time for a second lemon tea before
    breakfast..Up to the supermarket at ten, they open at ten
    over here on a Sunday..few bits and pieces needed..AND...
    the jolly old sun has just come out, after a couple of days
    of wind, rains, gales..floods, power lose etc..though lucky
    down here in the south, just 60mph winds..not good up north!

    Oh! Henny! With all those lovely photos of Eli, Weetie and the
    pussy~cats, you ought to think of perhaps doing a calendar...
    My daughter does one for me every year, with her two Staffys
    and pussy~cats..she does it on different photo for
    each could even get a few done for say family and
    friends to give at Christmas..Great fun..! :o).
    ❄️ πŸŽπŸ’ ❄️ πŸŽπŸ’ ❄️ πŸŽπŸ’ ❄️ πŸŽπŸ’ ❄️ πŸŽπŸ’ ❄️ πŸŽπŸ’

  9. Eli is beautiful and yes those kitties sure make their owners jump through hoops. We have attracted Blue Birds and usually have a couple of broods a year. However, those Evil English Sparrows try their best to kill the babies and unfortunately sometimes succeed.
    xx, Carol


    1. Sorry to bother..but..this may help...

      The Michigan Bluebird Society is providing information
      on House Sparrow control to let you know that there are
      options available when dealing with sparrow problems...!

  10. As always,enjoyed my visit with you. That Eli is a handsome guy. Mornin Glories are so pretty,you are pretty good with the camera capturing them futterblys. Nature is awesome.

  11. Hi Henny- Nice interesting stories from your garden and property- always an enjoyable read with interesting photos as well. You sure have a lot of Butterflys- we don't see that many here as well as Lady Bugs too. Havn't seen the Fairy Wrens this Winter - perhaps they've gone North for the warmth. Regards. KEV.

  12. Love seeing pictures around your home and garden Henny, and the picture of Eli after being groomed is spectacular, so white, like Casper. I bet the groomers use the blue-whitening shampoo on him, as I used to use in my grooming days :)
    Sweet little Morning Glory, I love seeing those pretty blooms and heart-shaped leaves.
    Kitties can give us a time, worrying about them, but we wouldn't want it any other way.
    The Bluebirds have been plentiful this year, we've bought new boxes for next season.

  13. I couldn't imagine him acting bad.

  14. That’s one busy birdhouse! So much life in and around it. I’m wondering, how long will Eli stay so beautifully white?!! Your cat story made me laugh out loud.

  15. Glad your morning glory's doing well. We cheated and bought one as a plant this year. It climbed right up the pole with my hummingbird feeder. One day we looked out and saw a bunny. "Aw, how cute is that?" Later I wondered why the vine looked so limp - right after I'd just watered it. You guessed it. Nipped at the base by that cute bunny. The same one that I suspect has eaten most of one hosta, decimated my black-eyed Susan, plus the bee balm I bought to replace the Susan! Must be one fat bunny by now.

  16. Love your blog. Never a dull moment on your little piece of Heaven on earth. Glad the birdies were saved from the blacksnake. Our birdies were taken one year. Sad. Have a blessed Sunday. Looking forward to seeing your new skirt.. :0)

  17. Love how the Morning Glory climbed!

  18. I love this post! Starting with the morning glory - we too had a blue morning glory grow around our mail box once. I loved it! And that darling little blue bird, butterflies, Ellie (who is gorgeous), Weetie, and Smokey - precious pics!

  19. Love your posts Henny! This one was chock-full of good things. Except, I hate the stories about nasty snakes....don't know if I could live where you do, and see snakes all the time. Yuck! Love your little morning you all purple flowers? Love your spiffed-up Eli....looking so beautiful. Weetie looks happy in the new bed. and love the story about Smokey crying on the roof. You guys have such good hearts to climb up there, only to have that stinker beat you down to the ground. Hilarious! Thanks for a great blog!

  20. So much fun stuff in this post, except for the vision of the snake. Ugh.

  21. Such pretty butterflies! And Eli is gorgeous.
    Cats are such characters. And I'm so glad Poppy saved the bluebirds!

  22. Was so happy to see that all is well on Henny Penny Lane now that Eli has his grooming completed.

  23. I love the look in Eli's eyes-- he's dashing, and he knows it! Smokey's prank on you is very funny, it would make me love him more, I think. I was having a very bad week but when a friend's cat chose to play with me, it made me laugh and forget my problem and I was so grateful. My mom made a mistake when she planted morning glory out front, she has had to yank it out repeatedly every year since because it spreads so much. We have the same color, I notice. One thing about the plant I do really like is its name. The butterflies are very beautiful and Weetie looks so cozy. I'm glad to hear about Chief Son of Bun!

  24. Eli looks just wonderful dear Henny Penny. I want to reach into my screen & give him a great big gentle hug. Weatie looks pretty happy with his new bed too!

  25. Great pictures of all the butterflies.
    Eli looks so wonderful. So clean and soft looking.
    Weetie sure looks like he is enjoying his new bed!!
    Funny story about the cat! : )

  26. I think I'd have run screaming to get help as I am terrified of snakes. Although, I'm a bit of a mother lion when it comes to rescuing my birds so who knows...I might have quickly gotten over my fear. I probably would have taken the hose to it...from a distance. lol
    Eli is as adorable as ever. And that Smokey...he's shameless. ;-b

  27. The little birdhouse with it's fancy new Morning Glory vine is just precious. Sure glad Poppy was in time to save the Blue Bird family. We sure had our share of snake problems earlier this season. Those butterflies are so pretty. Oh girl, I can't imagine what a chore it is to groom that big ole boy, Eli! I barely manage to give my little furbabies a bath. I can see why you love the girls at the Animal House! LoL

    Grace & Peace,

  28. Oh dear one first that Eli is just gorgeous...loved seeing your butterflies - we have had quite a few here in our neck of the woods too. So glad Poppy was able to save the blue bird family...He is certainly a hero. Hope your week finishes well - Hugs!

  29. Eli looks like a big soft fluffy cloud now. :) I'm glad you got one couple of bluebirds to seems that they have a rough lot in life, always in danger. Love the lucky to see so many at once!

  30. Ha ha! Mama -- that is too funny about the cat beating you down to the ground. I am sure Smokey is in the Meowfia. Did you know he called Mars the other day? He said something about opening up a fish house in your area, but Mars was not interested in it. Mars said he has too much going on in Durham right now.

    On a serious note, I LOVE all the butterflies!!! Love you!! ~your messiest child

  31. Your animals are HILARIOUS. I bet Smokey wanted you both to come out and WATCH him climb down -- like a little boy showing off. Then you tried to rescue him, and he was thinking, 'Mom! No! I'm a big boy! Watch!" hahaha. Eli is so handsome. He's looking downright svelt in that first photo.

  32. ha ha, cats really do know how to get the best of us! Such a pretty fluffy white puppy! I love the color of your morning glories!

  33. Thank you for stopping over. I did make the wreath it is crochet. I like to save the seeds, in the springtime just throw them out and see what happens. I did that with the Queen Annes lace seeds, and by golly they came up. who knew?

  34. Weetie looks so comfy!! :) And Eli, my gosh, poofy, white and happy! Smelling good is always a plus lol! :) Cute photos. I planted Morning Glories from seed, started them indoors in May and they STILL haven't blossomed yet. Our spring was so late this year and the mountain air is getting so chilly at night!

  35. I wish we were neighbors for real, I would pop over and show you how to crochet.

  36. I so love your posts...and love Eli...not that I don't like the others. I have hardly met a cat or dog I didn't like...anything with fur is always good with me. Our Puss Puss used to get on our roof...I don't know if I have a picture anywhere or not. She was going up the lattice at the end of the porch! I don't know what she thought she was after though.


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