Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Little Biddies

Sometimes I simply can't wait to get a new post published and move the last one on down the line. Don't know why it embarrasses me to look back at my posts.

Just when I was seriously thinking about finding a home for all the hens and getting out of the chicken business, look what turned up...

Three days old and already asking questions.

aren't they sweet

Then tonight when I closed the chicken house door, discovered another baby chick peeping out from it's mama's wing.
So, it's now Tuesday morning and the weather has turned cool. Sure feels good. There were bad storms just south of us yesterday. Lots of trees down and homes damaged. 

Got so much to do today, I don't know where to begin. :(   Did want to finish this post, oh, and answer a question or two from that last post. Sorry for not getting back to reply...

Carla, no, Poppy didn't get a turkey this time. He was disappointed. We sure do not need another turkey tail feather display on the wall!

Debby, the stir-fry broccoli is something new, developed by Bonnie Plants. It grows one small head of broccoli in the center of the plant. When that one is cut out, many stems then grow with little broccoli heads that can be cut and eaten whole. We grew these last year and loved it. Lots of tiny tender broccoli heads. 

Dianna, if the Ford Hook Lima beans do good, I'll give you a call. :) I really will if you will come for a visit. 

Connie, thank for the encouraging words about blogging. I think I need to start back in about the third grade and pay attention. :) 

Willie, glad I was checking back. I love the quotes about "Mothers".

Thank you friends for the nice comments, I love and appreciate every one. 

Okay, I'm off to work now.

Oh, Smokey wanted me to show you this picture. This is his new hiding place, on the little shelf under the new dining table...the one Poppy said, "you need to keep the cats off this new table". :)

Okay, I'm off to work now.



  1. Those chicks are adorable a real delight.

  2. Work! Work! Goodness! Yes! I've been out this
    morning..finished off the Privit hedge l stared
    last Friday! Looking good! While l was in the mood,
    l gave the grass a cut, out all the little
    daisies have gone to heaven..still..there will be more
    tomorrow! Oh! And l finished the hanging baskets, l
    started last Saturday...So! Yeah! Pleased as Punch! :).

    HaHa! Tell Poppy..if he's having trouble with the turkeys,
    let me know..and l'll send some of the 'family' over to
    help out...Goodness! How can you miss a bird 'that' size..! :).
    Love it! Love it!

    And..the chick looks lovely..hope you get some more..tell
    Mama hen to get on with it..more effort required...! :).
    AND! Smokey!x Bless! What a little hero he is..well..perhaps
    not so little..! HeHe!

    I'm off for a well earned sandwich..rabbit..and a can of beer..
    Out on the patio..nice few days, hopefully for the rest of the
    week..perhaps Fudge will pop round for a saucer of milk and a
    chat..l prefer animal visits..humans drink ALL my tea..HeHe! :).
    😺 🐾🐾 😺 🐾🐾 😺 🐾🐾 😺 🐾🐾 😺 🐾🐾 😺 🐾🐾 😺 🐾🐾 😺 🐾🐾

  3. Hi Henny- great Post- I think I've missed out on something great in never having Chooks and Chickens- they are adorable. Nice snap of Smokey too.

  4. I have been sewing up a storm for a few days and then going into the garden in the evening when it cools down. Chicks are so cute, all fluff and cheeps. I used to keep hens and bantams but there are too many foxes in this area.

  5. Congrats to the new chicks. So cute. I have yet to have a broody hen, but I lost my rooster too. I am still watching and waiting to see if one of the new ones will be a gent or not.

  6. Well, I would guess that the hens are safe for another season! :~) Every spring, when our local Farmer's Co-Op stocks up on baby chicks, I go through the same old longing to take a half-dozen or so home. We used to have lots of chickens and I still miss them a lot. I hope you are having a lovely day out and about at Henny Penny Lane.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about feeling a certain embarrassment about posts. I haven't even told a lot of my friends about my blog. Why not? I don't know. Maybe because non of them have blogs and I worry they'll think I'm being boastful, telling the world about my small life.

  8. Baby chicks are adorable! Of course grown up chickens are pretty cute too. Granny's comment about people not knowing about her blog made me laugh. My cousin sent me a text concerning something on a recent blog a few weeks ago... and I texted her back, "YOU read my blog???" She laughed... and said "occasionally".

  9. Hens are pretty sneaky when they can go off and incubate eggs and not get caught!

  10. I about burst out laughing about the turkey tails on the wall. At one point I think we had about 8 hanging in this house...and it is a small house!

  11. Hi Henny what a lovely post those chickens are so cute,bet they melted your heart ,they are so fluffy.
    Hope you don't get no more storms it's frightening the damage that they can do ,take care my friend xx

  12. Your photos have tempted me to raise chickens, again. Lovely post....

  13. That broccoli sounds wonderful...I need to look into that! Thanks for the info!

  14. Awww the sweet baby chicks!!! Now why on earth would you want to get out of the chicken business? You love your little chickens!!

  15. Ha, I just laughed about not needing another turkey tail on the wall. HA HA!!
    The baby chicks are as sweet as can be.
    Be safe during the crazy weather, we are to have spring storms this weekend. Boo Boo!

  16. chicks are the sweetest. Lucky you although if you were thinking of hanging up your hat on chicken-keeping maybe not. Always lovely to see Smokey. xo

  17. Oh the little chicks are so cute!!!

  18. Smoky is adorable. I've missed you recently...been busy getting the house up for sale.

  19. Such a sweet little chick! It is hard to decide to not keep chickens. I keep thinking I want to find another home for mine, so that my husband and I can be free to go anywhere if we please..........yet, I love my little group and I love to hear the rooster's crow each day.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Pretty cat! Little chickens have a way of capturing our hearts!

  21. What a sweet little chick. It would be difficult to let them go. Smokey's picture is hilarious, I'm assuming your husband knows? HAHA! Have a great week.

  22. Smokey is thinking deep mysterious thoughts, and how cute some new chicks were hatched.

  23. HP - did you have a broody hen and didn't know it, and didn't know the babies were coming/?? That's so exciting! They are precious. You'll have to keep with your chickens now :)


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