Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A spring post, and warning to turkeys in the area

Dearest friends,

I have been trying to post a little something for days now and my mind won't be still long enough...

...there are so many spring doings tugging at my heart and pulling me outside. Oh, there are flowers everywhere and butterflies...

...there's a garden to be planted and grass to mow. The tiny hummingbirds are back at my kitchen window looking for the sweet sugar water they have come to depend on every summer..., be warned. The camera has been in my pocket...

I simply love this wild tree which was growing near the dirt path when we bought this little piece of property back in 1989. It has bloomed faithfully every year since.

and another one except this tree has a wild Carolina Jasmine vine growing through the branches. Isn't it pretty!

and another beauty is this wild azalea.
and little Weetie always by my side.

I've got to go feed the animals right now, but will be right back. 

The animals are full and happy. You may want to leave now...the camera was still in my pocket...

and looking up from under the snowball bush again this spring...

see, the grass does need mowing.

and the pink dogwood again...

and again!

and the peonies have buds, and are guarded by Weetie. Talk about the grass!

Well, enough is enough. In other news, it's turkey season and Poppy leaves out early every morning in full camouflage  so the turkeys can't see him...
Hope you all know that I'm pulling for the turkeys.

Eli says, no turkey yet??

but are you sure??

Better get busy. Thank you for looking in and putting up with all the pictures, if you've managed to stay this long. :)



  1. HaHa! I was just about to switch my PC off for
    the day..when suddenly..Wow! The colour, the
    flowers, the greenery, amazing sight, it really
    is, and l love flowers, especially 'pink' ones,
    growing nicely in the garden, in the hedgerows,
    in the fields..Bless! 'AND NOT CUT'..and put in a
    silly looking vase on a window sill..Grrrrrr!!!
    HeHe! I'm wicked..! :(.

    Much the same thing happening over here, though the
    rain has been poking in every couple days, and over
    Easter the temperature will be up in the 20' last!
    So, looking forward to a nice weekend...

    Easter eggs..Easter eggs..l bought some up in Lidl last
    Sunday, though, these were bunny shaped and covered in
    pink can throw them at a few kids as they
    pass my home..HeHe! Goodness! Easter!

    Great post Henny! Great photos! Lovely! All of it....
    Just one thing though..just the one..Should'nt Poppy
    have a few feathers stuck up his.......! :o). Bless!
    And...How! How! Are you gonna camouflage Eli...! :).
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

  2. Oh Melba, your flowers are all so beautiful! Our blooms are a little behind yours here in Louisville. We usually get all our pretty blooms around Derby time. It's a good thing you've got little Weetie to guard your peonies and Eli to look for turkeys! What ever would we do without our pups? Enjoy your pretty flowers!

  3. I just loved seeing all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  4. The beauty of your flowers and your home just leaves me breathless! Why it looks like one of those fancy gardens you see with something amazing everywhere you look! Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy your beautiful Spring! (I hope the turkeys hide too!)

  5. What gorgeous pictures, Henny - wow, spring is in full force in your beautiful area!! Nothing but one purple crocus patch blooming here yet....but soon!

  6. It is beee-uuuu-ti-ful there! I love it all. Have a lovely Easter week and Easter Sunday ~ FlowerLady

  7. Oh my! There is no beauty like what we see in Spring!

  8. So much beauty and color everywhere !
    Spring has surely sprung at Henny Penny lane...
    Thank you for sharing the loveliness.

  9. Henny, It is springtime where you are. I loved all the flowers….that dogwood is adorable. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. How beautiful it looks with all the blooms!

  11. Oh dear me....I'm enjoying every single one of these pictures. Gorgeous blooms! We don't have turkey hunting around here, but I think it is super interesting.

  12. Your snowballs are amazing! What a gift God has given you this day.

  13. What lovely photos! You are surrounded by springtime beauty.

  14. Hi Henny. Thank you for posting your delightful show of flowers in bloom- everything looks so very green and healthy. I'm about to mow our lawns here- a nice Autumn day for it...probably be the last mowing before Winter as things slow down. Regards. KEV.

  15. Nothing like a good walk to give you photo opportunities. You are fortunate with all kinds of blooms.

  16. diane in northern wisApril 17, 2019 at 6:38 PM

    Oh my gosh Henny....your spring flower pictures are amazing! Lucky you to have all that beauty in your yard. We still have big snow piles I will greatly enjoy looking at your spring flower pictures again! Love big Eli and little weetie too. By the way, I'm pulling for the turkeys too! :)

  17. I love all your pictures.\, especially the tree with the white flowers and the yellow vine creeping up and through it. Spring sure has brought out all kinds of loveliness around your place.
    Maybe a dumb question but I wondered if you actually eat wild turkeys if Poppy manages to shoot any.

  18. How do you keep Eli so white! Your place is beautiful with all the flowers, tell Poppy good luck with the hunt! :)

  19. You photos are beautiful. Spring is so exciting! I share your enthusiasm, and I'm rooting for the turkeys too.

  20. Looks lovely around the little homestead. :)
    God bless!

  21. Are they wild turkeys to hunt? We are not hunting them normally. :)

  22. I do beleive these are the MOST BEAUTIFUL pictures you've ever posted!! Sure loved looking at them. So many pretty blooms and so many pretty colors! LOVE THAT SNOWBALL BUSH!! That first picture is amazing too.

  23. These photo are gorgeous and your little place is a true paradise. I ever get tired of visiting your blog. It is so refreshing and wonderful. Thank you for your prayers, we count them a true blessing.
    Happy Easter.
    Connie :)

  24. Oh, I stayed and enjoyed every minute of it. My pink dogwood's blooms just started opening up yesterday. I meant to take a photo and never did get it done. And today is raining so won't be out there for a while. I did so enjoy all the photos. Roger used to turkey hunt, but doesn't since his stroke. His buddy tried to get him to go...would bring him home in an hour if he wants to. But he just won't go. His buddy also tries to get him to go deer hunting...just whatever the season is and he won't go. I think he is afraid of falling...that is the only thing I can figure out.

  25. Your spring blooms are just gorgeous...all of them. You have such a lovely place, my friend. xx Happy Easter to you and Poppy.

  26. We don't have even the crocus up, yet... But soon, I know. In the meantime, I swoon over the beauties all over your garden! The faithful friend you have in that wild tree is lovely, how wonderful to anticipate its blooms every year. Wish those turkey lots of luck, though! I saw wild turkeys for the first time ever a couple of months ago and they were cute. Blessings for you and your family this Easter!

  27. Oh, you have so many beautiful flowers blooming. Wow, your yard is really a springtime paradise!

  28. So nice seeing all of your beautiful spring pictures. The pink dogwood is especially pretty. Love the pink ones.

  29. Gorgeous spring photos! What a glorious haven you are blessed to call home!

  30. Run, turkeys, run! I've seen a live one once...scared the you know what out of me. They sure are ugly creatures, but they taste delicious! Have a happy and safe Easter. Blessings!

  31. Your snowball bush, and those azaleas -- breath-taking! Spring is so lovely. We don't have a lot blooming here, well not as much as I'd like. I do need to do a post. It was nice to stop by! I'm pulling for all the turkeys too!

  32. Beautiful photos!

    Haha...the turkeys totally see him coming! ;-)

    Your pup looks like a POLAR BEAR...a floppy polar bear, but still.

  33. How lovely all of your trees and flower blossoms are! Your dog is so beautiful and big! Run turkey, run!

  34. Just look at this big beautiful snowball of a dog, Eli! Such beautiful spring blossoms all over your home! I am on the turkey's side!


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