Thursday, November 29, 2018

Still, so much to post, so little time

Well, the new rug is unrolled and under the table...but first, thank you all for your comments, which meant the world to me. Here's the new rug...

The fit is perfect and the colors in this rug make it look old. I like that. 

So, I promise to hush about all this now and be happy, and stop feeling sad about the old mahogany table. I've got to tell you this though...a small strip of wood from inside the old china cabinet door fell off. Seriously! You can see it in that first picture. After all these years. Trying to tell me something maybe??

Having more space to move around in the little dining area is good. Why, I can now open the china cabinet door without bumping the table...

and Poppy said, "Mel, don't let the cats climb on these new stools and get hair all over the seats". :(

Wellll, what was I supposed to do?

Up at 4:30 this morning, (Poppy works at the deer processing plant today) I carried Eli and Weetie out first thing. It was freezing cold and the moon was overhead and that made me think of, "Twas the night before Christmas..."the moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow gave a lustre of midday to objects below". Of course, we don't have any snow, but it felt like we did. I love that poem and that is my favorite line.

and thinking of Christmas...

I went in the "Safe Space" thrift shop in downtown and was simply amazed. They have turned the entire place into a little Christmas village. I've never seen so much in one little building, all used stuff, but beautiful! Wish I had taken my camera. I bought the cute Santa above. It is really neat.

look at their faces...
It's big and heavy. Too heavy to hang on the tree but will look good added to the Christmas village on the mantle. Oh, and I found the prettiest church too...need to take a picture, but...
I kinda like these fat little ice skating snowmen too. I've simply got to bring the tree inside today and start decorating..I'm so excited!! 

So, here's the church...

Pictures taken inside the cabin sometimes look dark, but log cabins are dark inside. Makes me think of Tasha Tudor saying, in one of her books...

 "Everyone says my house is dark, but people don't realize how dark old houses were. I love it dark. It's like a nice chipmunk's nest".  She also said, "Candles are flattering to an old face. I've always used them". Don't you just love Tasha Tudor. I do!

Looking forward to building the little village. Got to drive to Henderson and pick up a prescription before starting anything! :(

Well, I was serious about the title, "so much to post, so little time". My little blog shop and sewing room have been much neglected, and there are new aprons and crafts to show you. Need to post about the craft festival Shelby and I did weeks ago, and tell you about two very special gifts I received from two sweet blogging friends. There's acres and acres of leaves to show you and well, hopefully I will be back here soon. :)



  1. So many comments I want to make about this post and so little time! The new rug has a wonderful mellowness about it, draws everything together nicely. I love your Christmas ornaments, especially the sledge - and, well, cats rule! Our poor Toby is often aghast at the things they get away with, such is the life of a dog.

  2. It's so beautiful with that rug! I'm glad you are starting to find the dining set is really quite lovely and homey. I Love Tasha Tudor! She was a really incredible artist and her humble way of living amazes me...a hard worker and very independent! I love your new ornaments, especially the Santa on the sled...too cute. Have a lovely day, Henny!

  3. That beautiful new rug really makes all the difference! I thought your new dining table and chairs looked nice before but now they look great! I love your Christmas decorations, especially the skating santa! I love to buy christmas decorations in consignment or thrift shops. Its usually really nice stuff that someone just got tired of using. Can't wait to see your Christmas tree and all your decorations!

  4. Well, everything looks wonderful, the new rug, the Santa sled, the skaters, the church, your whole lovely cabin, even the cat on the chair.

  5. Looks pretty wonderful, I hope you are enjoying the new dinette set. I used to have an old china cabinet like that, but I had to move and my dear friend still has it in her home. So, I do get to visit it. Take care Henny Penny, love Terry

  6. Time is a rare commodity at any time of the year, right now it is at a premium. I will be joining crochet squares together till my eyes bulge tonight. It has to be done. I have decided. looking forward to seeing your sewing post. My cottage is quite dark now, the sun struggles to get over the mountain and by the time it does it is very low in the sky. we had candles and oil lamps when I was a child,and of course the flickering light from the fire.

  7. What a fun post! I love your china cabinet and that rug is just perfect! It looks like it was made for that space. Your new Christmas pieces are really nice and that church is gorgeous! We have our tree up and I finally finished decorating it. Now I need to get the house decorations out. So much to do this time of the year! Have fun with all your Christmas pretties!

  8. Your new rug is perfect Henny !
    looks so warm and cozy, and I think your dining set is beautiful.
    I'm used to a dark home, with front and back porches and wooden bead board walls it has the same feel as a log house, but I like dark rather than glaring sunshine, must remind me of the rainy days in

  9. Henny I think your rug is gorgeous. What delightful Christmas decorations. I love your Santa. Yes Tasha Tudor is the best. Thanks for lovely post friend. Hugs!

  10. I love everything about today's post . The Santa pushing a child on a sled is a treasure. I'm so particular about the look on faces. So often they don't please me at all. But your Santa and child both have such pleasant expressions. I love the ceramic church too.

  11. I love the new table and rug, Henny, it's perfect in that space!! I have nearly the same china cupboard as you, I bought it from Craig's List when I moved to my new home and I love it. I have a string of battery operated LED lights strung through the glassware inside, it sparkles so beautifully when I have guests for dinner. And Tasha Tudor??? Love her so much!

  12. "If I fits, I sits"

    -all cats, everywhere.

  13. Hello, Henny. Your new table aND chairs look so nice! The rug is just perfect. It does give a little extra room as well.

  14. How could you want anything prettier than your dining area is now? I love it! And, yes, I also love everything Tasha Tudor! This post has really put me in the Christmas spirit. I just must get my tree up as soon as possible.

  15. The rug looks perfect with the table and chairs.

  16.'s so nice to see little Smokey. How I love that guy. :-)
    Your rug looks really nice and so fun to see inside your china cabinet.
    Tasha Tudor is a favorite of mine. She reminds me of my maternal grandmother. Her artwork is so enchanting.I loved her 'chipmunk' quote.
    When I pick a Santa decoration I always have to love the face and I do love this new one bought Your decor really suits your home. I cant wait to see the village.
    Love to all, Deb

  17. diane in northern wisNovember 29, 2018 at 4:46 PM

    Henny, I just love your blog! How great that you are here again today with another post! Lucky us! Oh, I really like your new makes everything look so good and cozy and pretty. Good job! It will probably be hard keeping the animals from sleeping on the chairs though. You really got some cute things a the thrift shop...I especially love the Santa pushing the fellow on the sled...the faces are wonderful. Santa could use some fattening up though! Maybe he's getting too much exercise? Love those snowmen too. You always make me smile! Have a great weekend with your many new things! Oh and if you need snow...we'll lend you some!!!

  18. Wow Henny! It really looks lovely! I'd love a rug like that in my dining room too.

  19. When you post about your Christmas tree, please tell us how you keep them out of it. :)
    Love your house, as always.

  20. Oh my I am in love!! I love the new Christmas items you bought. I love Christmas decorations so much. I have 5 Christmas trees this year. I Love ornaments and making them and buying them. That is the cuties Santa and little fat people. I can not wait to see the cabin all decorated. Love you so much!

  21. You've been talking about stools. I've been looking for stools in your photos. Finally, a photo and reference. the cat is on the stool!!!

  22. Your dining room looks wonderful. Yes, I love Tasha Tudor!

  23. Oooh! I really, really like the rug. It makes it so cozy and pulls it all together.
    I think I need more candle light in my house! :)

  24. Lovely rug! We had a sweet little cat just like yours. Her name was Nelly and she was shiny grey as well. -Jenn

  25. Love the new rug Henny Penny. It definately looks "old" to me & sits perfectly under your dining suite. Had to laugh at the cat on the chair as that is exactly what mine would do too!

  26. Your rug is perfect! While I think your log house looks wonderful, I am one of those that love light, so as much as I love the look of a log house, I have never wanted to live in one that is all dark wood inside, as I just feel the need to escape to the light, lol! When we drive through the mountains and pass houses that get little to no sunlight in the shorter days of the year, I know that I couldn't live there. Those are some lovely ornaments you found, don't you just love poking around in a thrift store to see what others have decided to move on from.

  27. Your new rug is absolutely gorgeous and I love love love your china cabinet, I have some of those around the house and I use them for just EVERYTHING. China (of course! LOL) books, knick knacks and trinkets, a big one in the kitchen for canned and boxed things. When I came upon the picture of your beautiful kitty though...I lurched and my stomach flip=flopped. Your kitty is the the total twin to our beloved Smokey. I am missing him so much, our first Christmas w/out him and our Gypsy too.Hope you post a picture of your decorations and tree when you get it up, we did get ours up but we have a small one these days so it's easier. Happy weekend!

  28. A chubby little snowman
    had a carrot nose.
    Along came a bunny,
    and what do you suppose?
    That hungry little bunny,
    looking for some lunch,
    Grabbed that snowman’s nose,
    Nibble, nibble, Crunch!

    The funniest face
    looked out at me
    From a silver ball
    On the Christmas Tree!
    At first I thought
    It was Santa’s elf,
    But I looked again and
    It was just myself!

  29. HeHe! 'YOU' Carried Eli out...Carried..???
    I liked to have seen that...Bless! :).
    And don'y worry..Tell Poppy..that by the time
    Smokey gets around to sleeping on the chairs,
    in turn, they'll all look the same...
    Remember..."Dogs have owners..cats have staff". 😸 😻

    Your home is looking lovely now Henny! Lovely!
    And it is a 'home' so many places are just houses,
    l never refer to my home, as a house, houses are
    just bricks and mortar..'home is where the heart is'.
    My heart and my home are 'one'. Like a snails shell..! :).

    Remember this from Louis Armstrong....
    "There's so little time and so much to do
    There's so little time for dreams to come true
    Many a ship to sail, many a magic land
    Many a moonlit trail, many a road to walk hand in hand

    There's songs of love we never have sung
    Let's not waste one hour, the night is still young
    Mama, a lifetime's not enough for the love I have for you
    There's so little time, so much to do..!

  30. The rug is a perfect fit and enhances and brings together old and new furniture. You are blessed with a beautiful home. What a great haul from the thrift store, I love all your finds.

  31. The colors in your new rug are beautiful. I love old rugs for how mellow the colors get, but this one started out that way. Keeping cats off new chairs? Impossible! Your new Christmas ornaments are so cute. I miss thrift shops soooooooo much! I cannot figure out what people here do with their "stuff".

  32. Henny, I think you've been very patient with the loss of your table/chairs. It's not easy, when something is beautiful to you, to lose it. We are not supposed to be overly attached to possessions, but loving the beautiful, and wanting it to surround us, is not wrong.
    What would you think about a drop leaf table? They are wonderful! They can be as slim as an end table, or nice and wide. But they would allow you to have a full sized table when you want it, but drop the leaves so Poppy can still get around in the room. You can even move them against a wall if you really want. Just a thought.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do with Christmas this year. For the first time in decades, we won't be home for Christmas. We're going to our son's house. I'm wondering if I should still decorate. Can't decide.

  33. The new rug is beautiful, precisely because of the faded colors that age it. A great and elegant choice. The Santa is adorable and I cannot wait for your Christmas village post !! That is definitely on my bucket list, to create one of my own. Enjoy yourself as you dress your house up for Christmas. Blessings!

  34. The rug is perfect! Your Christmas decorations are so sweet. Hope you are feeling well! God bless you!

  35. Your new rug is perfect. I love how it is new; but looks like you could have had it there for some time. Your antique cabinet and your new table go well together. Looks like you found some fun new treasures. Enjoy your time decorating. I love your log cabin home!

  36. Enjoy your blog alot and think the new dining room set and rug are perfect together.

  37. Oh...the rug is just perfect and the colors are beautiful! It looks like it made for your cabin. Your gorgeous china cupboard is very much like mine that was my mom's...but the ornate wood framing on the front makes yours much prettier...mine is just plain but it is still very precious to me. I do have a tendency to agree with Tasha Tudor...I love darkish, cozy spaces with dim lights!

  38. Hi Henny....The Dinning Setting even looks better with the Rug- it all matches in. Very Antique. The darkness of your Log Cabin is a bonus- looks so homely and welcoming. Cheers. KEV.

  39. Hi! I really like your new rug. Have to tell you we took Coco to the vet today and there was another dog there that looked just like your Eli. Just beautiful. You found some nice finds shopping. I love Tasha Tudor too and have some of her books. Nancy


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  41. What a lovely color the rug has and how pretty your dining room area is! All of your decorations are so pretty and joyful!

  42. Hi Henny, the rug looks just right, and your pussy cat looks very satisfied too. They always find the comfy spot, don't they!

  43. Your new rug is just perfect! It is beginning to look like Christmas there with all your new to you decorations! :)

  44. Love your new rug. It seems to have all the colors you show that you like. Hoping you'll be able to repair the dropped piece of trim.

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