Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Oh my goodness! Has it really been ten days since my last post?? Where do the days go? and why can't I remember past yesterday? what has taken up the hours in my days...

Maybe I can start with yesterday. Let's see...Poppy worked at the deer processing plant. I fed the animals, straightened the house, washed two loads of clothes, then went to Walmart for groceries. Coming home from Walmart, a big silver truck got behind me and rode my bumper all the way down the dirt path. Guess who! Poppy, of course!

Great! He helped unload the groceries. We ate a little lunch, Poppy took a very short nap while I put the groceries away, then we left for Henderson to pick up our new dining room table and four chairs. That's right! another little update to our teeny tiny cabin, but wait...

Oh friends, don't ever tell Poppy, but deep down inside...I just know I've made the wrong decision. I just know it. It's the same feeling as when we sold mama's sweet little old car and watched the new owner drive it away.  You see, we sold our antique mahogany dining table and six chairs...

We sure did, on Craigslist. A young couple drove almost two hours, arriving here at 6:00 last evening to take it away. I loved that old table. We even threw in that old rug from under the table.  

It all started one morning not so long ago when Poppy, all bundled up to go hunting, found it hard to squeeze himself and his gun between the dining table and the refrigerator to get out the front door. At the time the dining table was turned around the other way, with the captain's chair at this end.

So, while in the furniture store in Henderson one day; picking up our two new counter stools...wait, I haven't told you about those either...

that's them way there in the distance, on the right of the counter. Anyhow, Poppy saw this small counter height table and four stools...the stools were identical to the two counter stools we had just purchased. He said he really liked the set. Where I messed up was when I said, "me too". 

So now I have this big empty hole in the dining room, and also one in my heart. 

And if that's not enough, I unrolled the new red rug...

that will go under our new table, and discovered it is a 6' x 6'...way too small, if you ask me! The old rug was a 6' x 8', at least! 

The new dining set is sitting in Poppy's shop waiting to be put together. Betcha that mahogany table didn't have to be put together before it could be used!!

So, back to yesterday...we got home from Henderson and unloaded our new table, leaving us about an hour to spare before carrying both Eli and Weetie for their vet appointments, which turned into a two hour ordeal...arriving home about an hour before the folks got here to buy the old table. Eli said, "Enough! I've had it"!

Well, my plan was to back on up and tell you about Sunday, Saturday, and Friday but I've already talked way too much. Besides, Friday and Saturday, Shelby and I were tied up with the big craft festival, so that will be another post, but don't expect much. :(

I will say though that I've cancelled my appointment to get the Prolia shot for my osteoporosis, for the time being anyway. Also, the steroid injection for my back has worked wonders, once again. I'm feeling almost back to normal, almost. 

Better get up from here and dip the ice cream. Well actually, I'm having a rich chocolate shake...made with one cup of chocolate almond milk, a frozen banana, and a tablespoon of cocoa...all blended up in my Nutra-bullet. It's delicious!

Wondering, should I publish this mess. 



  1. You tickle me. One thing your blog never is is boring. I never know what to expect and I always end up smiling. I loving it.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry you are sad about the table. My Mother had a beautiful dining room set and when they retired and downsized she had to sell it and she sure was sad about it. I get attached to things like that especially if it has been in the family but I need to learn to let go of some things especially as we get older and just don't have a lot of space around here. Your antique table was beautiful but I bet you will come to really love this new table. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Henny!

  3. Ooh, dear Henny I have such a hard time with change, I literally become attached to things and have the worst time letting go I blame it on leaving my entire life behind, when moving to the states. I'm a holder-oner with no apologies, I know what you are going through.
    Hopefully your new chairs and table will be an easy transition for you.

  4. I'm glad you posted this. One man's junk is another man's treasure. the young couple got a very nice dining room suite

  5. I'm so sorry you now regret selling your mahogany table and chairs. It was beautiful but your new table might suit your space better in the long run. 40 years ago we bought a solid maple table and 8 chairs. The country look doesn't really suit our place any more but that table has seen so many meals and homework done etc.. the boys won't hear of it being sold. Now hearing your story I guess I'll be resigned to keeping it.

  6. diane in northern wisNovember 20, 2018 at 6:52 PM

    Dear henny, I can't wait to see your new table and chairs set. I'm sure it will be fine and look nice with your new red rug too. Look ahead....don't look back. We moved two years ago and sold our gorgeous table and six chair set thinking it wouldn't fit here. Since then, we think it would have fit just fine. Well...what can you do! I love your blog. You guys are awesome!

  7. Oh, girl, I know how you feel about that table. A couple of years ago, my Mister and I built a big 7ft. farm table with benches on either side. This past spring, I decided to sell it because it was just too large for our eat in kitchen and besides, how much table do two people actually need? Well, I haven't stopped kicking myself yet. I really missed it when I was working on the grandbabies Christmas quilts. I'm sure you will like the new table once you get used to it. I can't wait to hear about the craft event!

    Grace & Peace,

  8. Well, I hope you like your new table, but since it's a counter height with stools that leave your feet dangling, I am concerned that you may not. You might have to go shopping for an antique table :-)
    Always love seeing Eli.

  9. Oh it is so hard to change. I have a hard time with change sometimes also. When I got rid of the dining room table that my daddy gave me I was so sad even though I like my new table but it is big for the space. I love you bunches

  10. Wow they must have really wanted that table.

  11. I feel as though I have been perched on one of your stools enjoying a cup of tea and a chat with you.

    It is difficult to let things go (believe me, I really do know) but that table and chairs are just starting on a new chapter of their story and will be very much loved and enjoyed. Your new table and chairs are waiting for you to begin their story. Enjoy them for their practicality, Henny. You still have all your old memories inside, where it matters. I hope you have some wonderful meals and shared times around the new table.

  12. Just getting daylight over here..on my first
    lemon tea of the day..Cold and frosty again
    out there..! :(.

    I love those old tables and chairs, they have
    so much character! it's a shame sometimes that
    their covered with a table~cloth..there's been
    some great dinner parties around my dinning
    room table..all my dinning room is done out in
    pine..Scandinavian pine..(no pink)..! :).
    It's quite difficult to get hold of now..cost
    an arm and a leg to purchase any!
    My home is quite unique..especially the famous
    down stairs loo...! :). And having lived here for
    just over 40yrs, one accumulates, a lot of memories!
    Which l would 'never' part with...! :).

    And..l must say..l do love that carpet, looks ready
    to take off....A nice pine table would look nice on
    that..perhaps Scottish pine as it's a darker wood..!

    Well..Henny...like everybody else, l've certainly enjoyed
    this 'mess' HeHe! More of the same please..! 😸 😺 😻

  13. love reading your mess!
    i honestly don't know how people part with special furniture especially when it's been handed down; i don't have any as all my grandparents things were auctioned off when we were very young :((
    i love your old mahogany table, shame you couldn't keep it. the carpet is nice & bright

    on another note; i just caught up with your previous posts, i suffer rheumatoid arthritis associated with psoriasis; i control my pain with diet; there are certain foods you have to give up if you want to be pain free, i researched it online too, i can't eat dairy foods made from cows except butter, also had to give up potatoes, tomatoes (didn't eat many of these raw but loved my Italian pasta, anything basically from the night shade family; lastly the capsicum & chillies were the last to go out of my diet (too many spiced soups winter just gone) i'd rather be pain free mostly & completely drug free; lately too much salt will set things off too. if you do some research into what to avoid then work out what your body can't have, everyone is different. there are heaps of substitutes i.e. instead of potatoes i will use sweet potatoes, not sure if you call them something else over there or not. hope this helps.
    thanx for sharing

  14. Yes, you should publish this mess! That's too bad you are feeling regret over selling the table set. (Even the rug!). I do like your new rug. Is it possible to get a larger one of the same style? Maybe you just need some time to let the new set grow on you. Put something you love in the centre of it. I love the atmosphere of your home! So cozy! -Jenn

  15. Oh dear Henny ~ having sellers and buyers remorse are two hard things to deal with. Your old dining set was beautiful and I'm sure the young people will love it and the rug you 'threw in'.

    Change is hard, like others have said. May you enjoy the new set and have many happy times with it.

    Happy Thanksgiving ~ FlowerLady

  16. I know what you're saying, Henny. I get very attached to things, too. If anyone tried to take my cluttered country cottage china cupboard from me I'd fight them to the end.:-{
    I hope you learn to love your new table set...it will just take time. Once you've had a few meals there it will feel more familiar. I love the look of the new stools. I hope Eli and Weety are fine. We are in full-mode Christmas shopping here in Ontario (-5C with snow today). Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. xo

  17. I can't wait to see your new table!! The rug brightens the area. I love old things too, but I like new too. I like space to move around more easily. I absolutely love the chair Poppy is sitting in. I actually look forward to the time when I will replace some of the furniture in my living room. It's stuffed right now so that everyone has a seat when all the kids are here. But the family keeps growing so that's a silly notion now. Have a wonderful holiday.
    xx, Carol

  18. When we had our house built I got a new two sided desk for the bedroom. It's pretty but one side is against the wall. It's too big for the room but I gave a lot for it so it's still too big in the bedroom. I don't know how to measure apparently. Happy Thanksgiving

  19. Donna from update NYNovember 21, 2018 at 6:32 AM

    My motto-I can used to just about anything. I'm terrible with change, tho I like it too at the same time!haha That's the way I roll! You can always change it again, no harm done! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your hubby and family. (PS-I made Shelby's Christmas Jam last year and gave some to each of my kiddo's. Sooo good!)

  20. I know that feeling. I've felt it too from time to time. I think it's called unwanted change. Hopefully you'll warm up to your dining table once you've moved it in and start using it. I'm glad your back is feeling better. Happy Thanksgiving!
    xx Beca

  21. Seems like any time I sell something special I end up with seller's remorse. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Have you had your vitamin D levels tested. Ten years ago I was found to be deficient. After taking enough D to help this, my bone density scans never got worse again. I wish I had known this sooner.

  23. Some posts are filled with wonder and creativity and then some posts are what we do and how we handle our everyday life. I do hope that after your new table is up that you fall in love with it. I'm sure that the young couple that now owns your old table are excited and happy to have it. You blessed them, you blessed Poppy by letting him choose . . . I think that those blessings will come back to you in amazing ways. Tis the season of giving and goodwill; you have a heart of gold. I believe that our homes are for sharing . . . not for being a showcase. My sweet wonderful husband has his space in the living room where I want to hang a sign over and state to the world that this is him and not me, LOL. Our living room would look so sweet without his messy area, but I would rather have him and his ways than to sit alone in a perfect house. Love and compromise make our homes perfect for all who lives there . . . that's the difference between a house and a home :)
    Wishing you a marvelous Thanksgiving, sweet friend.
    Connie :)

  24. Oh no, I'm sorry about your table, Henny! Maybe you'll love the new one once it's in place, though? Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!

  25. Oh your post is certainly not a mess! I think you will LOVE your new table! Just a thought. I know how those yearnings feel, for what we've sold or given away-can't get 'em back....But-from your description, I think the new one will be fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. That's a healthy chocolate shake! It's very hard to regret having sold/given something away :( Esp. something as old and beautiful as that dining set. And the rug too! It was a lovely run, I could tell. I don't like a too-small rug under a dining table because it makes it hard to manage your chair legs, going in and out. ah well. Maybe you'll grow to love the new ones? I hope so.

  27. So many good and encouraging comments-- and all thanks to a post you thought was a mess!
    I especially liked what Connie wrote about the difference between a house and a home... I will try to remember her words of wisdom the next time I begin to complain about the house not looking how I wish it would.
    The new rug, while small, has a wonderful color that suits your cabin so well-- that warm cozy red would be very welcoming on a FREEZING night like the one we have over here. Blessings!

  28. A blessed Thanksgiving to you all!

  29. So sorry to read about your change of mind regarding the dining set. What a joy to hear your back is feeling a bit better, long may that last.

  30. “Toasted, roasted, baked and done!
    Hope your Thanksgiving is loads of fun.” :).

  31. It's hard to say goodbye to things you've had for a long time, and seeing the empty space in your dining room must be making it worse. I hope you come to be fond of your new table and chairs. Happy thanksgiving!

  32. Sometimes change is hard. I hope you like your new table and stools! Your old set was beautiful and I bet the new owners love it! Rug sizes are a challenge for me too...I have one in the living room because it was just too small under our table. Hi Eli...he is as handsome as ever!

  33. I love love love your old dining room table and chairs, but maybe you will come to love the new set as much. Change can sometimes be good. I am glad to see you are feeling better, but still think of trying the D-flam made by NOW vitamins, many of our patients swear by it. I feel your pain over your dining room table, but you being you, you will find the best in every situation. Love Terry

  34. Your new table is not a life sentence. It sounds very nice. Try it out, you will probably either like it a lot or decide to move on to something else. I think these kinds of changes in life make it easier to adjust to much more serious life events and misfortunes. They give us perspective. Phil/MN

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  36. My hubby would love to have a counter top height kitchen table and chairs; says ours is way to low for his long legs.

  37. Hi Henny,
    I am glad you are feeling better.
    I sure do love seeing photos of your Home Sweet Home.
    We drove through your North Carolina, a lovely state indeed. We drove in the Asheville area as we headed into South Carolina.
    And your Southern Chicken is the best! Yummy!

  38. I hope you end up liking your new dining set. Sad about your seller's remorse, that mahogany table is handsome but it has a good home with a new family.

  39. Hi Henny- very enjoyable post- bit concerned that you guys have let that beautiful old dinning setting go...I couldn't do it- so, I hope that you will be very pleased with your new setting and it lives up to your expectations. Cheers. KEV.

  40. I have done that, sold things or gave away things then sit back and yell at myself for doing it. I so hope you get use to your new one, and have a better day.

  41. Mel, maybe you should return the table and let it rest for a bit. Maybe hunt Craigslist for a smaller older one that suits you more? I think you might be happy if you tried painting some furniture with chalk paint. Start with a small cabinet or shelf and see how it goes. Check out Q is for Quandy if you haven't already. Sit tight, I'm sending you some Fusion Mineral paint to try on a small piece. Take your time if you look for another table. Chairs don't have to come with it. You can always find chairs and use paint to tie them together.

  42. Wow! You sure have been busy. I hope you'll like your new dining set. I enjoyed your posting very much. I hope you will be able to get some rest after being so busy.


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