Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tan and White...afghans and goats

I do appreciate the comments and suggestions on the Swedish woven afghan.

Last night, I spent a good two hours in the sewing room with the afghan spread out on the cutting table; searching and studying, counting stitches, and with yarn and needle tried every step, but nothing fit or worked.

I did see lots of mistakes made by me several years ago, trying to finish the afghan without mama's had to be me!  So, I'm thinking about taking out all stitches, back to where mama left off. 

Then I looked at the back side of this afghan  and goodness, those long stitches (some of my work) are not supposed to be there!

Anyhow, with time to think last night in the sewing room, with just me and memories of mama...I recalled just how much of the afghan mama actually did. After supper, she would say, "while you wash dishes. I'll work on your afghan, if you don't mind".  Had mama been able, she would have been right there with her hands in the dish water, but she was using a walker then and having problems with her legs. I was tickled to have her work on the afghan. 

Looking back, mama was probably shaking her head and thinking..."Melba will never learn to do this Swedish weaving"! and she was right. 

So, I do appreciate the offers of help, and hopefully will get the afghan finished.

Okay, enough on that...

Have you wondered about little Rosie lately? Rotten Rosie. Wondering if she was lonely?You know, she has been alone since Asa, the other little black goat died. 

Well, lonely no Heidi...

Heidi came home from Durham with me on Tuesday. 

Does Rotten Rosie appreciate Heidi? No! Rosie has been very ugly to Heidi, butting her and pushing her around.

and Heidi is a very sweet humble little goat who would not hurt a flea. 

Eli likes Heidi. Worried, I called the girls, friends of my sister Shelby, who gave me Heidi and they told me not to worry, Rosie and Heidi will work things out. You just stay out of it, they told me.  So I've been trying. 

Can you believe we have the heat cut off and the back door opened?? It may reach 70 tomorrow, with a chance of thunderstorms!

Thank you friends, if you have managed to stay this long.

Hope to be back soon.




  1. What a cutie Miss Heidi is, hope Rosie learns to love her. It's warm here too, but they're saying we'll have 4 nights of below freezing weather. Winter can just go away for awhile.

  2. After all that cold weather, now 70?! Wow!
    Maybe if Eli give Heidi lots of attention, Rosie will get the idea that she must be OK.
    I have no advice on that afghan. You must do what your heart tells you to do.

  3. Funny how animals get jealous of others? Hopefully they'll work it out.

  4. diane in northern wisJanuary 11, 2018 at 5:49 PM

    Sure like your new goat! Hope your other goat gets to like Heidi soon. It figures that Eli would like her....he's such a gem of a dog and a real beauty too. Love your blog Henny! Whatever you talk about...I enjoy hearing about it. Congrats on getting some warm weather back again, even though it seems to bring storms with it!

  5. I just bet Rosie will soften her heart up soon. My horses do that when one is put up for doctoring- as soon as we put him back with the others, they chase him around and act like he's a stranger. Animals are so strange sometimes. Treasure those sweet memories of your mom. Have a great weekend.

  6. Poor Heidi! She looks so gentle and sweet. I hope Rosie calms down and accepts her soon. Funny isn't it, how hens will pick on a newcomer, a dog will assert dominance over a new one, seems animals act in their own natural way that often looks rather nasty.
    Your weather is warm but stormy. We have freezing rain and snow warnings out for tonight. So far I see only rain but who knows what we'll wake up to.

  7. Yes, the goats will work something out. they will find out who is the dominant animal and then things will be fine.

  8. I wish I could help you with the afghan but I would not figure it out either. I have been trying to finish my mom quilt now for 24 years and I still have not finished it and I am sure my stitches are terrible. Oh well one day I will finish it Maybe. I love your new goat she is a cutie! Enjoy the warm weather it is suppose to get cold again Sunday
    Love you bunches

  9. Heidi what a perfect name for a little tan and white goat. I knew a girl in college whose name was Heidi and she was rather goat-like herself. Anyway, she looks to be a good girl and I think that animals do have a way of settling who the top dog (or goat in this case) is and then things settle down from there on out. It's not always a pretty sight though when they are working things out. Rosie probably thinks she was there first and that should be the end of it.

    It's been very warm here too (but goodness not 70!) but ice tonight and several inches of snow tomorrow on top of that and back down into the single digits. That will probably make it to you by Sunday or Monday. Well, it is January after all and so what can we expect?

  10. Heidi is so cute! Rosie just wants her to know who is in charge I bet. Things will work out for them and before you know it they will be playing together. Good to know you have warm weather back. Enjoy it while you have it as this seems to be a crazy and unpredictable winter! I love the afghan Henny. I bet you will figure it out. Even if you end up finishing it off a little smaller than you had planned it will be worth it for the memories of your mama.

  11. I hope it all works out with the two little goats! It's hard to watch one being mean to the other. Wow your weather is strange, that is quite the temperature swing. It's been a miserable day here, lots of rain and some of it freezing, and lots of snow about half an hour to the east of us. Roll on Spring ;-)

  12. Such lovely memories of your Mama, I do hope that you are able to finish the afghan. Love the new addition and hope they work out their differences.

  13. What a lovely afghan that brings back sweet memories to you of your mother working on it. I hope you'll be able to finish this somehow.

    Heidi is adorable and in time she and Rosie will work things out.

    It is warm and humid here, so I've got the a.c. back on.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment. Yes, blogging helps. Blogging friends have been such a blessing and encouragement in my life since losing my dear husband. They followed me/us for 4 years before he left this planet, and they've rallied around me these past 5 years without him. Life has changed drastically, but each day is a gift and I am learning to be thankful and content with each one. God is my strength.

    Happy January ~ FlowerLady

  14. We always had that issue when we brought a new goat home. They work it out and show each other who the boss is. Once they figure it out, it's good from then on.

  15. Heidi looks so sweet. I hope Rosie decides to be nice soon. Nancy

  16. Oh I do like Heidi. I'm sure the two of them will come to terms and some day be friends and you'll wonder why you ever worried.
    Warm for us too, 54 degrees!!

  17. I think I'll have to visit you and slip Heidi AND Eli in my pockets and come home with those babies. I'm sure they'd fit right in.

  18. Mama....I'm in love with Heidi!! She's so cute!! :). Can't wait to visit and play with her.
    I love you, Andee

  19. I'm glad your Rosie finally has Heidi for company! I'm not familiar with swedish weaving. We do miss our mommas don't we?

  20. Melba, if I were you I would be so privileged to have that tattered afghan if it were mine and had the story yours has. The wayward stitches would only serve to remind me of the special times with a loving mother. With every glance, it would show me my mother cared enough to gently correct me, but also showed love by guiding me with her own perfect stitches. I don't think I would appreciate a perfectly done afghan as much as I would appreciate a slightly lopsided creation that reminded me of my loving mother with every stitch I saw. You can recreate a perfect one, but why would you want perfection when the one you have is so imperfectly perfect just the way it is?

  21. I've never heard of a Swedish woven afghan. Oh please tell me all about it. What are you using for the base? Looks like large cross stitch fabric.

  22. Welcome sweet Heidi. Keep us posted on how things are going.

    I did enjoy your story about your mom and the afghan. I will be sending hugs your way so you can finish it.
    xx oo

  23. Awww Heidi looks so sweet, I hope Rotten Rosie gets things out of her system and they will be best of friends...maybe:)

  24. I too, rather like the afghan as it is as it holds precious memories of your mum. Your Heidi is so very sweet. I am sure both Heidi and Rosie will work 'it' out. They will probably be best friends in no time at all.

  25. Heidi is beautiful, but so is Rosie! Isn't Eli wonderful, he loves them all. It makes me a little teary to see that beautiful Swedish Darning afghan, it is so sweet that you are finishing it and you will, just take it with a tincture of time. Love, Terry

  26. I missed this post so I hope by now they are getting along fine. "Welcome Heidi."

  27. Heidi is SO cute. It's true that animals must be left to work out their own pecking order. I suppose Rosie liked being the only goat, and must let the new girl know her place. I would love to have goats, I think, but I wonder if they are lots of trouble, and if it makes it all that much harder to ever leave home, with more animals to care for. Their sweet little faces!


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