Saturday, May 27, 2017

Roughhousing on the newly upholstered chair!

Smokey wanted to play, Bickett wanted to be left alone. Kitty cats!!

I did finish the other patriotic apron, and will put this one in the little shop. It has a ruffle all around and large front pocket.

I had completely forgotten about this apron, finished a few weeks ago...
It is going in the little shop too.

I thought a big, old fashioned, red button would look cute on the front, but out of all the buttons in these old Mason jars... 

no two big red ones were alike...

anyhow, not much of post here.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend! Poppy and I have nothing special planned.

I will be thinking about all the brave soldiers who fought and died for our freedom. It is sad to think about all that we have and enjoy in life every day, while so many soldiers never made it home to enjoy even another day. We thank you!

I leave you with Poppy, cutting the stir-fry broccoli... 

The more we cut, the better it grows. This stuff has been wonderful and we want to grow it again next summer.



  1. Thank you for your words of remembrance for fallen servicemen and women. We do need to be reminded often of why we have this holiday.
    Broccoli already! Cool!

  2. No two red buttons alike, ask your neighbor what is in her button jar! Your aprons are lovely! :)

  3. That's good it grows well. I never had a green thumb

  4. Hi Henny, lovely aprons! Cats seem to know when they shouldn't play somewhere and that's where they want to play! Hope your chair was alright.
    Love the stir fry broccoli! We grew it for years and ate it up until December most years.
    Have a lovely holiday!

  5. That is a lot of buttons too not find a match.
    Happy Memorial Day.

  6. Your cats made me smile because that is exactly what the three kittens are doing right now! Oh me, they are just flying through the house. Surely it will be nap time soon :)

    Happy hugs to you!

  7. Ohnooooo! Get out the squirt-water-bottle, and use it, on those 2 naughty cats. Well, on the ONE naughty cat! the other, just wanted to be left alone. -pout-

    Ever growing broccoli! Super!

    Yes, have a safe Holiday Weekend. We need to remember, all those warriors, who gave their lives, to protect, that which we enjoy, every day.

    Gentle hugs, Luna Crone

  8. Love the sound of the broccoli that re-grows, I must admit I am missing my little garden the produce anyway. I think it will be sometime before we get this garden established. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. How many times have I searched through my button jar, just to come up one button short! (But, it is kind of fun just looking, I think!) I have a feeling those kitties didn't stay for long on the newly covered chair! Enjoy the stir-fry!

  10. As usual, your aprons are adorable! Of course the kitties would want to wrestle on your newly upholstered chair! What fun would it be to do any where else? Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Ooh my....not on the newly upholstered chair !
    Silly kitties :)
    Your aprons are beautifully made Henny, so many different colors and patterns to choose from.
    Of all the buttons, only one of a kind...
    Stir fry broccoli sounds lovely.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend Henny, hoping the weather is fittin' in your parts :)

  12. My old dog loved to play-fight. She knew the act of biting was "bad" even if it was soft and gentle. She loved my mother and we realized she didn't want to look bad in front of her. I'd say "no bite" or if my mother was in the view, she'd stop and then lick my hand as if she was trying to get away with it.

  13. You have an impressive collection of buttons!! Too bad you didn't have two matching red ones though. I really liked how the one looked.
    Have a lovely week!!

  14. Fresh broccoli sounds delicious. I like your apron...shame on the kitties for fighting in your 'new' chair...but that is how cats do. Ask me how I know.

    We have no special plans for tomorrow, but my older daughter and I have spent about 6-7 hours the each yest and today sewing...making lined valances...and still have more sewing to do. One of these days maybe I will have pictures. It was really fun to spend the time together.

  15. The aprons look great! Cats are definitely funny, aren't they. Ours often fight for the highest spot.
    We grew a type of stir fry broccoli last year, and hubby didn't like it. Part of the reason I told him I didn't want a garden this year. He always insists on a huge garden that he makes with the tractor, then he has me plant it and do everything else with it; but doesn't eat half of what we manage to grow. I don't like wasting it (though it does go in the compost pile, so it isn't really wasted), so I would just as soon pay someone who does grow and wants to sell the excess.
    You all have a blessed day.

  16. I miss having cats.

    Loving the cherries apron, as well as the ruffle on the patriotic one. I wish I could sew. I am so terribly inept at using the machine. I love needlepoint, but I'm afraid that's where my sewing skills meet their end.

  17. Your buttons in a jar make me think a lot of cars in a parking lot. A lot of greys, blacks, silvers, beiges and just the odd red and blue one thrown in.!


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