Friday, August 26, 2016

Waiting for Poppy...

It drives me crazy to know that I've posted something here's the correction. In yesterday's post about my putting up the rabbit wire, I did not dig a three foot trench, it was a mere three inch trench. Good gosh, there would have only been a foot of wire left above ground if I had buried it three feet deep. So there. :)

The three of us waited on the porch for Poppy to get home...

 Wait, I hear something!

Yay! It is him!! Eli's favorite time of the day, well except for our late afternoon walk around the pond...

This stick is way too long...

The cooler weather and low humidity we had the first part of the week sure was nice, but the heat is back. High 90's today, high humidity. Hate to admit it, but now I'm looking forward to fall...maybe even winter, where it gets dark earlier. That means getting done with everything earlier; supper, the dishes, the animals. There will be time to sew again.

and the kitty cat picture...

Be back soon, hopefully!



  1. Eli is so beautiful . . . you must brush his coat all the time. He always looks so clean and fluffy.

  2. It was 92 here today, too hot for us! But the weather change begins tomorrow, with clouds and cool temps and even a possibility of rain. Can't we just have something in the middle?
    I love seeing Eli so excited when Poppy comes home.

  3. Funny - I didn't even notice your error, but I'm sure it drove you nuts.
    Eli is a dog in a million.
    And I guess I'd better stop complaining about our high 80s temps when your dealing with 10 degrees more!

  4. Sweetest photo of Eli & Poppy. :) I'm a Fall lover, too. Bring it on.

  5. I can cope with the heat but not the humidity, we had a hot day yesterday but I sat at the top of the garden and caught a little breeze while I knitted away at my sock. Ben likes to be in the full sun but he also chose a breezy spot.

  6. Oh, how I love your blog and these sweet pets. We are dreary of the hot/humid weather here in GA, also. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. That is funny! I didn't catch the inches vs feet either when I read it. I'm looking forward to earlier dark too. Some people don't like it but it sort of puts closure on the day at about the time when I ready for it. Have a blessed day.

  8. I did wonder about that 3 foot dig, I figured that it would have done your back in.

  9. Your pets are so beautiful ♥

  10. I figured you meant inches instead of feet. : )
    Eli is so cute carrying around that too long stick.

  11. I am also looking forward to fall - I've had enough of these hot sticky days!!

  12. You're funny, Henny! I didn't catch the error but if I would have I think I would have been a bit worried about you! Outside digging three foot deep trenches! Yikes!
    Eli is such a snow ball. So cute!
    I love the kitty, all cozy on the ladder back chair seat.

  13. Eli is one of my favorite characters in your life story of the little farm.

  14. I wondered how in the world you could dig a 3 foot trench and not end up in the hospital!! I'm glad it was 3 inches.
    Our long stretch of hot hot weather has finally passed and we have much cooler temperatures. I'm also looking forward to Fall. I even did a bit of Fall decorating ( I know, it's still August).

  15. Eli loves his Poppy, he's such a loyal boy...
    I'm always amazed at his white fluffy coat :)
    Thunderstorms here today, I thought of you.

  16. That Eli is one of the prettiest dogs I've ever seen! so white! How do you keep him so clean?? LOL How is your weekend going?

  17. My dog is like that with my mom. I could be gone all day and she will be somewhat excited. My mother comes back after five minutes and she acts like she's been gone ten years.


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