Sunday, August 14, 2016

A quiet Sunday

I'm on a roll now, two posts in four days! Friends, it is awfully hot here...95 degrees at 11:30 this morning. Maybe I should leave my camera out on the porch.  Every picture lately is fuzzy from the lens fogging up.

This little patch of  black-eyed susans volunteered and came up here, and didn't they pick a good spot? Looking a little like fall with the maple leaves falling.

Most baby birds are gone from the nests now so poppy opened the door on this box to have a look inside. What a neat little nest. There were some long white Eli hairs woven in with the grass and moss. We were on our way to the garden to pick the tomatoes and cut the okra.

Guess I'll fry the okra for supper and come up with something to go with it. Hows that? Well I could oven roast another butternut squash along with an ear of sweet corn. Sounds good to me.

Eggplants from the garden. Mama never cooked eggplant back when we were growing up. I do remember her saying, "I can't stand an old eggplant"! 

Poppy, on the other hand, grew up eating fried eggplant. His Mother sliced the eggplant and let the slices soak for a little while in salt water. She then dipped the slices in a rather thick batter of flour and milk and fried the slices in oil.  Now, that's how I cook eggplant, and love it!

These little sweeties are determined to roost on this board instead of in their new snake proof box. It's the same every night...I catch them one by one and put them in their little house for the night. I've had it with snakes!!!

Not much of a post, but then there's not much to post about here on the quiet Sunday afternoon. Thank you for visiting.



  1. Like the sound of how you cook the eggplant. Not something that we eat very often. Its been a quiet day here too.

  2. The black-eyed susans are gorgeous around the bird-house. So pretty. I'm with your mom; not an eggplant fan. And what a cute nest you have found. The nest that my house-wren built, I brought in to the greenhouse after she had left and the raccoons stole it. Geesh! Glad the little sweeties are staying safe thanks to you. :)

  3. Quiet Sundays are the best kind 🙂 Thank you for sharing ....

  4. its quiet here as well. We had a lil picnic after church today and then did some wandering and got so hot and miserable we just came back inside and have been in enjoying the air and the fans ever since! That fried eggplant sure sounds GOOOOOD!!

  5. We like fried eggplant too, learned to eat it when we lived in Turkey. Hot here too, no rain for almost 3 weeks.

  6. Eggplant is just not my thing. The inside of my mouth tingles when I eat egg plant. Must be an allergy. I wouldn't mind some fried okra though. Have a good evening.

  7. I have never tried eggplant. I have tried Okra in a gumbo and didn't think it tasted like anything. Hope the baby Guineas figure out a new routine soon! :)

  8. It's been such a quiet Sunday here too. We went for our walk early, before it got too hot. Mostly I read my Jan Karon book. I am persevering and liking it this time around.
    Have never tasted either egg plant nor Okra. One veg I did try this Spring was Bok Choy and I didn't think it tasted like much ( I pan fried it. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do).

  9. I don't think I have ever ate an egg plant but the way you cook them sounds yummy! I need to do better with my blog.
    Love you!

  10. I am doing a little catching up. I love seeing all of your crops, and all of your animal friends, of course!

  11. The snake still gives me shivers, Henny.
    I like the way you cook your crops! Eggplant is so pretty and I bet your fried dish is delish!
    Stay away from the slitherers, friend.

  12. I love the black-eyed Susans and yes they picked a perfect spot to grow, they look lovely there. Everything about your home is charming, from bird nests, to amazing produce and your animals. Every animal on your property should be counting their blessing that they have such a caring and loving owner. You made me want to go to the store and buy an egg plant. I grew them the first year that we were here, but no one ate them . . . maybe they would like them cooked your way. Thanks for the cooking tip :)
    Have a wonderful week and watch out for snakes!
    Connie :)

  13. Great place for the Black-eye Susans to pop up. : )
    We haven't gotten any eggplants from our garden yet but sure hope we do.
    I fry up slices too and then layer them with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Yummy!!

  14. I don't know if I have ever eaten eggplant but your way sounds yummy! It seems like fall is arriving when the black eyed susans start blooming. It has cooled off here and rainy. Where is the happy medium? Nancy

  15. Thought your picture of the flowers and birdhouse looked almost professional. loved it in fact. So many people are willing to put others down, I wish you wouldn't do it to yourself. Leave that to the other people and take pride in what you create. You deserve kuddos.


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