Friday, June 24, 2016

It's always something!

Yesterday was my scheduled appointment with, not the orthopedic specialist, but this time the osteoporosis specialist. 

My back is much better, thanks to the the steroid injection some weeks ago. Sure wish that injection could have cured my osteoporosis too. 

This new doctor has suggested I take the Prolia injection twice a year for Osteoporosis. Like all the Osteoporosis bone building drugs, the side effects are horrible. I just hate having to make these decisions.

Thanks to a little squirrel who buried a seed in this potted white beauty berry bush, we have a sunflower. 

Wondering too if anybody knows what this is. It has a pretty white bloom that looks a lot like bridal's wreath spirea, but smells absolutely horrible. It has lots of berries this year for the first time. The berries turn almost black when ripe.

It's been a while since I've posted anything about the old cupboard my cousin Patty gave me a few years ago. I love this old cupboard, more than any piece of furniture we have.

Since Patty gave me the old cupboard, I've cleaned and dusted and polished it many times, thinking it was getting the best of care. Well, guess what? Those teeny tiny bee-like bugs have been drilling and eating away at the old wood. 

Something had to be done, and quick. We searched on line, then Poppy ordered a product called Tim-bor. I mixed a 1.5 pound bag of this Tim-bor powder to one gallon of water and with a paint brush saturated the entire cupboard. This product soaks into the wood and kills those tiny insects and protects the old wood from insects for several years.

Yikes, when the cupboard dried, it looked and felt like chalk. Then I opened the can of Tung oil, and wow!

It looks more beautiful than before and this is only the first coat. In 24 hours another coat can be applied.  I was seriously worried sick about the cupboard.

and now, my kitty cat picture of the day...

This Bickett makes me laugh. He gets is some of the strangest positions to sleep. Looks like he needs his face washed.

Better go put all the animals to bed for the night. Thank you for visiting. Don't know why I've had such a hard time posting lately. Hope to be right back with something more interesting.



  1. Lol....Bickett he is so funny :)
    I have an old pie safe with evidence of wood-beetles, I was told from the man who restored the piece that the "borers" had been treated with a pesticide, I sure hope so !
    Your cabinet has so much character, I would so enjoy that piece and all of it's history.

  2. Life at your little farm is always interesting, Henny. I think I have told you before that yours is one of my favorite blogs. Glad the old cupboard was saved. I have that same kind of attachment to the old step back cupboard that I post about often. I adore it (if it's possible to adore a cupboard.) lol Hope you make the right decision about your health issues. I imagine it's not easy. Hugs to Bickett and Smokey.

  3. The picture of Bickett is wonderful, loved seeing it. A very interesting old cabinet. A lot of work going on there but I'm glad you were able to save it. It seems every drug related to osteoporosis has significant side effects. Bones are difficult to deal with I suppose. I know Osteoporosis causes awful things if not treated. What to do, that's always the question.

  4. After your treatment of the cupboard the wood looked so grey! It's amazing what that Tung oil did though. I'm glad you noticed those bugs when you did!! If it's not one thing then it's another.

  5. I can imagine how awful you must have felt when the coat of insect killer dried and you looked at the cabinet. How wonderful that the Tung oil brought it back to life. Whoa what a save!

    I know cats are very flexible but that position Bickett got himself into looks terribly uncomfortable!

  6. So sorry to hear that you have osteoporosis, you have some tough decisions to make. Your wooden cupboard is beautiful. The only thing my cousin Patty ever gave me was a headache.

  7. So sorry to hear that you have osteoporosis, you have some tough decisions to make. Your wooden cupboard is beautiful. The only thing my cousin Patty ever gave me was a headache.

  8. Looks like Bickett is worried about the UK leaving the EU today! Loved the story about your wooden cabinet. The pieces we inherit from others are the best aren't they?

  9. Your old cupboard is wonderful. So glad you saved it from those nasty bugs.
    Surprise sunflowers are the best! And sleeping kitties are irresistible.

  10. I love your old cupboard!! I hope the bugs will be gone. I am so sorry about you having to decide about your medicines. Sometimes I wish we did not have to know the side effects and that they would do there job and make us feel better. Love you and will be praying for your back.
    Love you!!

  11. Sorry to hear you have osteoporosis. I hope you don't have bad side effects if you chose to have the injection.
    Good to hear you saved your cupboard! :)

  12. I am so glad you managed to save the old cupboard, it really is a beautiful piece of furniture. Hope all goes well with whatever you decide regarding your health. Take care.

  13. Your cabinet is amazing, I can see exactly why you love it so much. Bickett looks as though he has just dropped out of the dryer, he made me laugh out loud.

  14. I am glad that your back is feeling better. And I LOVE that old cupboard. Sending you well-wishes!

  15. Glad you were able to save that beautiful piece.

    We have carpenter bees here that do love to bore into the exposed wood.

  16. I'm so glad you were able to discover the problem with the cabinet and have it taken care of. It is beautiful! What a treasure. I hope you don't have to take that osteoporosis medicine. Have a blessed weekend.

  17. I think all your posts are interesting no matter what the subject. Love to see your darling animals.

    Shirley H.

  18. Bicket made me laugh! My cat gets into funny positions, too, and you wonder how they could be comfortable, yet they are. I'm so glad you caught the bugs in that beautiful cupboard in time. It must be very old and have a wonderful history.

  19. We have cats that sleep in weird positions too. They are so funny! Your cabinet looks amazing! I will have to remember Tung Oil when we have something that needs spiffing up.
    Is there some reason you can't take calcium supplements? My doctor told me to take D3-2000, so I take one every day along with my multivitamin (50+ vitamin). I believe the D3 comes in different strengths.
    *hugs* Hope you can come up with something that doesn't have a lot of side effects.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  20. Instead of taking pills could you just drink an extra couple glasses of milk?
    I love the old cupboard and glad you were able to save it. It looks wonderful.

  21. Your old cupboard is going to look lovely when you are finished. Don't you just hate having to make decisions about taking meds. I just love it when the birds plant a seed and it pops up somewhere! Nancy

  22. Henny Penny, I use a nasal spray for osteoporosis that doesn't have bad side effects (as far as I know). The active ingredient is "calcitonin salmon". I've been happy with it.

    1. PS I love the pictures on your cupboard. :)

  23. Sorry about the osteoporosis. I agree, it seems we take a medication for one thing, but then it triggers another problem.
    Your cupboard adventure is interesting, and Bickett is a character indeed!

  24. Hi there sweetie, when I saw the cupboard in that one shot, I thought that you had painted it . . . so glad you didn't, because that old wood has so much character, it is beautiful. I'm delighted that the Tung oil brought it back to its beautiful self, that stuff is great on wood. I love that a little squirrel loved you enough to plant you a sunflower . . . I'll bet while he was planting it, he was dreaming about the smile that it would put on your face :)

  25. I'm glad you remedied your cupboard. I like it, too!
    Ha! Kitty naps ARE funny!

  26. I love your old cupboard! Glad you are able to save it. Cute photo of Bickett!


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