Saturday, May 21, 2016

Eli goes to the vet..and small yard projects

Poppy got home from work Thursday afternoon in time to drive Eli and me to see Dr. Davis.

Eli loves going to the vet, well I should say loves going bye bye.  The entire back seat is his but you would never know. He rides with his head up front between Poppy and me. I can't help but laugh and take pictures.

Darn it, I meant to get a picture of Dr. Davis with Eli and forgot. Maybe next visit.

We got a few things done outside yesterday. See, I had another bright idea...something I have been wanting to do but needed Poppy help with.

Remember last summer when we tore down that old wishing well and had a big new real looking well house built? Every day I look at the top of that old wishing well, laying in the edge of the woods, rotting, and think how cute it would be as an entryway to the teeny tiny greenhouse.

Poppy said, I'll nail some legs on that old top, if that's what you want, but don't put on your blog that this was my idea.

I'll admit it is a little funny looking, and those 2 x 4 legs should have been nailed to the inside of the top frame, but wait, there is potential. Poppy said he would add a couple of side pieces to break up that tall leggy look. Then I'll paint it. A vine of some kind covering the legs and growing up and over the top will be good, and maybe a rose planted at the bottom and a hanging basket or two or  a birdhouse or feeder hanging from the side pieces? I just love some new project to work on. If it still looks ugly, we can tear it down.

Poppy got the flag hanging straight again

on our rare and unusual homemade flag pole.

Guess I had better get busy... and let Poppy get on the computer.

Hope to be right back here soon. 



  1. That Eli is such a handsome boy !
    I love the greenhouse entrance, I was thinking as I was reading, it won't be long and Henny will be titivating it up with paint and climbing roses :)
    What a neat idea, and I'm happy that Poppy goes along with your projects he's a sweetie !

  2. What a cute guy Eli is! I can't wait to see the finished project complete with climbing vines!

  3. You are not kidding about Eli taking his space up front. What a lover that boy is. Now about the entryway to your greenhouse. I'm with Poppy, it needs a little help. Something on the sides for vines to grow on would help a lot. It has potential but it's going to need help. Paint and vines I think should do it. Is there danger wind could blow it over on the greenhouse? I'll be interested in watching this project develop.

  4. You are so full of ideas!! Good ones, too. I don't know how far apart those "legs" are but we've used plastic lattice that comes in 4 by 8 foot sheets. It's fast and quite sturdy too. Roses and any vines would have no trouble clinging to it.

  5. Yay! Something new to decorate! Have fun with your "tower".

  6. This made me chuckle! I just love you two. I wish we lived closer so we could visit each others farms. I love you!

  7. Oh mercy! That's a big ole boy, you got there! LoL I wish our big boy liked to go! He has only been off of our place once and that was quite the ordeal for me and trauma for him! I do all his shots and such but if he really has to go to the vet, my Mister will have to do it. I can't handle him should he get upset again!

    I love the little awning! I really need to get out and work around our place but it has been raining forever, it seems!

    Grace & Peace

  8. Hi Henny: Your little greenhouse is very much like mine. Aren't they fun to play in. I spent many hours in mine this spring and am very happy with the sprouts that came out of it. :) Aw...that Eli is so cute.

  9. There's certainly satisfaction from reusing something even if it might look a little funny.

  10. Hmmm....I'll be honest, I'm not sure about your project. The scale seems all wacky, and it definitely looks rather unstable at the moment. So I'm going to be watching to see what you do to cutesy it up;-) Maybe it needs to be fastened to the greenhouse so it can't fall on it?

  11. I'm excited to see your project after you make the improvements you talked about. Careful with a birdhouse tho. If birds make a nest in it they may not let you enter your green house. If you've ever had a bird attack you, you'll know what I mean :-0

  12. I think your new entryway to the greenhouse will look really nice when you get it done! I hope Eli is healthy and well and that was just a routine check at the vets! Nancy

  13. What a great recycling project, it will look amazing with a vine or climbing rose. Elis is such a cutie.

  14. My dog loves car rides but hates the vet. She'll shake in the car if she thinks we're heading in that direction

  15. Good project hope it doesn't blow over in a storm! Eli looks so happy! :)

  16. The entry way to the greenhouse looks wonderful. Such a good idea! I can't wait to see it all fancied up with roses and climbing vines.

    Several above commented that it looked somewhat unstable. I don't know but you could (Poppy of course) could dig holes for the legs, put in a bit of concrete at the bottom, stuff the legs in and fill up the extra space around the legs with concrete. Would add stability and keep the bottoms of the legs from rotting.

    There's just nothing like kibitzing :o) (and adding to Poppy's work load)! He's a real sweetie to build that for you------you really picked a peach when you found him.

  17. Eli will be driving any day now!
    I think your new entry will look fabulous with vines climbing up it.

  18. I think the green house entrance will be lovely when you get things growing on it. I'm glad you did not tackle that yourself. We have a big chow who does the same as Eli in the car and I've had to take pictures, too. Those big old heads are so funny.


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