Sunday, May 15, 2016

A little visit

So, how in the world has it been three days since my last post...and I was going to reply to your comments. Thank you!

Thanks for the idea of putting sawdust around Bun Bun and Fiona's pen to keep the snakes away. It's sure worth a try. Seems like there's a lumber yard or sawmill on Hwy 56 just outside of town. There are huge mounds of sawdust there, always with steam coming from them. Bet they would sell me some.

What did we do with the snake? Well, I am sorry to say that Poppy killed it. Normally we let snakes go, if they are passing through and headed elsewhere. That snake saw a possible meal inside that pen and would have come back. Even though the bunnies are too big for the snake to eat, he would kill them. 

Good grief! Remember this one that was in the chicken house last summer?

Poppy has ordered a 100' roll of 4' high rabbit wire mesh. As soon as it gets here I plan to put it around the entire pen. I can honestly say that when Poppy kills a snake, it is instant. Don't you hate it when people try to run over snakes with a vehicle, or go after them with a shovel or a hoe...I mean, poor snake. He can't help being a snake. Bet if we could ask him if he had rather be some other animal, he would say yes.

Moving on to something more pleasant..

Last Thursday, a friend from up the road a piece asked me to cut off and hem a dress, a last minute thing. She needed to wear it Saturday to her Son's wedding. She insisted on paying me...I refused to take any money. All I wanted was to NOT ruin her dress. 

When she picked up the dress, she gave me this pretty canvas basked filled with these Stanley products.  

Remember the old Fuller Brush Company and Stanley Home Products. Fuller Brush Company has been around since 1906 and probably Stanley too. I had no idea Stanley or Fuller Brush were still in business. Anyhow, my friend sells these products. Mama used to order Stanley back when I was growing up.

 Wonder what these two were thinking?

and here's another kitty cat picture of the day...and a note to Deb over at  Hey Deb, Smokey has been practicing really hard for me, trying to get that Audrey look. What do you think?

If any of you have not met Deb's cat, Audrey, you really need to visit her blog. That Audrey is a mess, and then the beautiful Annie lives there too. 

Better go. I have supper mama would say, such as it is.



  1. What a gorgeous dog! So neat about those 2 companies and so nice of you to hem the dress and for her to give you those as a thankyou! Although snakes do good for getting rid of mice, etc, I'm sure their population needs to be cut down a bit, just as deer, etc! If a snake slithers into our garage, it gets axed. Andrea

  2. Well, I for one am glad Poppy killed that snake. It probably would have come back. Speaking of Poppy.... that's a cute picture of him and Eli on the swing. Hard to believe how big Eli is!!

  3. Oh Henny, I'm not sure the world is ready for two Audreys. hahaha! I think Smokey is her double, for sure. My goodness, they look alike. I just want to give Smokey a big 'ol hug,like I do Audrey, before she stomps off with a big "Hmph!" I asked someone today what might stop a snake from entering an area and they said a thick rope laid across the space will stop them. They apparently do not go over them.

  4. It would be such an honor to be owned by Eli. Yes, please do everything you can to keep the bunnies safe. I have a healthy respect for snakes and trust they'll show me and mine respect by not forcing a confrontation. I'm fine with them living somewhere else.

  5. We have the same policy on snakes, if they're passing through we leave them alone, otherwise they're taken care of.

  6. they also sell a snake and other pests barrier spray. That would help

  7. They are saying the snakes seem to be worse this Spring, I'm happy to have only seen one so far.
    Bun Bun is the sweetest little rabbit.
    Eli and Poppy are buddies aren't they, my...that pup is always clean :)
    Smokey has the look of Audrey, he's been practicing that's for sure !

  8. Great photo of Eli and Poppy.
    I checked out the "Audrey look". I think Smokey's got it.
    Snakes make me shudder.

  9. Eli is look in' good! Love your bunnies :-).

  10. Oh no...snakes. That picture of the one in the chicken house gives me the creeps. I hope you look up when you enter.

  11. I am with Poppy, once a predator finds an easy meal they return again and again till the larder is empty. Lovely pics of the fur babies, Eli is so handsome I could reach in for a cwtch.

  12. How kind of you to do the hemming for your neighbour, and how kind of her to give you the goody bag! I can imagine feeling nervous about doing the job, I would feel the same.
    I think I'm just glad we don't have snakes like that here! I'm just wondering how you tell if they are passing through, or stopping for a meal (before it's too late)?!!

  13. Well I never thought of a snake wishing to be something else butI suppose being feared and hated must make for a difficult life. If only that Isis bunch would take the cue and change their ways. They at least could if they only would.

    One of my aunts sold Stanley Home Products and when I was growing up we always used that hand lotion. I, too, am surprised that it is still around.

    Those two on the swing look to be having some very important, serious thoughts.

  14. Such a handsome boy Eli, I love to see him. Such a thoughtful gift for you stitching, very nice.

  15. Hi Henny! Oh, the snake gives me the shivers!
    What a lovely bag of goodies! I bet the dress turned out just right.

  16. You have lots of sweet animals on your little farm but sure glad that snake is gone! Nancy

  17. Oh my, that snake.
    Do you have a lot of snakes?
    In Wisconsin we do not have any poisonous snakes.
    Our Pine Snakes are our largest.
    Wow, what a story.

  18. Yeah for Poppy! I wouldn't put up with snakes either. Hope it's relatives don't come back either:(


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