Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dusting off the porches

Mowing the back yard was my plan today but seeing as how I need to stay close to the phone, I decided to spiff up the porches a bit...give things a fall look. By the way, I'm ready for fall. Are you?

The old cupboard needed polishing first. Living on a dirt road, especially in this dry weather, keeps everything dusty. I can't talk about the old cupboard without thanking cousin Pat again and again for giving me this very special gift. Thank you Pat.

Wish there was a big bunch of Goldenrods to put on the table. After my phone call comes through, (from the dentist) if it does, I'll walk up the path and pick some.

 I moved this tablecloth to the front porch table,

and put this orange on the back porch table. Actually, I am plundering around, pulling out things to decorate with and don't really have what I need.

This comforter doesn't go with the orange flowered tablecloth. I need to shop for some fall things like pumpkins, gourds, baskets, tablecloths, pillows...and if I don't do it soon it will be time to put out red and green for Christmas! That's me...never prepared. Every year I make do with what I have and plan to do better the following year.

My, how things change over the years...

This was our little front porch back in the early 1990's. The dog is our beloved sweet Nikki.  We still miss Nikki.

and this was a view of the back of our cabin in 1996 shortly after the pond was built. 

Matching or not, that little cot with the red comforter just happens to be the best place around to catch a quick nap. Goodness, some of these colors have got to go!

Better get busy. Hope you all are having a good weekend. As for me, I'm looking forward to next weekend...and being done with this upcoming dentist appointment and hopefully done with the pain too.



  1. When you spoke of missing Nikki still, I couldn't help but think of my long ago pal Ginger. Twenty-four years have passed and I still cannot bring myself to adopt another dog. I just love my grand-dogs when I visit their houses and enjoy views of other's pets on various blogs.

  2. Hi Henny - what a great porch. I love how you have put curtains up to make it more cozy. That porch would be fun to decorate, for sure. That's a cute photo of Nikki relaxing on the porch. Good memories of days gone by. I hope you are soon done with your dentist appts. Fall is in the air here, too. :) Hugs, Deb

  3. Your screened porch looks so comfortable and inviting. It must be nice to sit out there at night and not have to worry about mosquitoes. I am so ready for Fall. We have had a taste of it this past week with zero humidity, highs in the low 70's and (believe it or not!) nighttime lows in the 50's . It's been wonderful to be able to air the house out and to sleep with the windows open again. But surely "Fall for real" will be here soon it is almost September after all.

    Hope your dentist appointment goes well and you will at least be better and headed in the right direction if not completely back to normal.

  4. The porch looks so cozy and inviting....looks like the Cracker Barrel restaurants we so love.
    I've noticed the trees turning color today, and finally we had a shower or two which helps with the daytime heat and humidity.
    I'm ready fro Fall, a favorite season.

  5. Too many mosquitoes for napping on the porch here. I love your porches and it would be fun to decorate them for the seasons.

  6. I am definitely looking forward to the Fall, but I still can't believe it's the last weekend in August. The summer just flew by. Your porch looks so inviting, too. I usually only decorate the house for Christmas, but I've actually been thinking about doing some things around the house for Autumn. It'll be a first for me.

    I sure hope you get the problem resolved soon with the pain in your mouth. Hugs... :)

  7. I just love the pictures of your house and the front and back porches and all the views of the beautiful outdoors. It all looks just wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I just love your house. We have talked about build a log cabin so many times but never did. I love fall and I am so ready for it to be here. Praying for you to get good news from the dentist.
    Love you bunches!

  9. Your porch is WONDERFUL!!! Yes I am ready for fall and have been for a while now!!

  10. I am so ready for Fall!! I'd love to come sit on your porch and have a little visit.

  11. Oh my goodness, what I wouldn't do for a porch like your napping porch! When I was little, I looked forward to summer because I always got to spend a week with my great Grandmother. She had a very big sleeping porch and we would sleep there all week long. I loved it and I LOVE your porch!

    Grace & Peace.

  12. I love your porch and could nap easily on that bed! I am not a real matchy matchy person so your porch looks great to me. I hopeyou got that call from the dentist and your infection is all better:)

  13. I love your porches, a real delight so inviting and comforting. I don't think everything needs to match, just add a scarecrow sitting on the bed and a few Autumn touches to the table. Hope you got your phonecall and that you will be pain free soon.

  14. The "old cupboard" is beautiful, it looks sturdy, cavernous and gleaming with love. The mix of colours on your porch is a touch of nature, all colours can go together, parts of my garden, and most of my quilts, look as though somebody tipped a paint box over.

  15. I like your porch and those tables and that bed. Although you're saying it has to go but I love the idea a taking a quick nap there.
    By the way, yes, I am ready for fall. :)

  16. I love your porch!! We have a deck, but it's not screened so we don't use it much at night.

  17. Thanks for the peek at your porches, how nice to have two of them! I love the fall, or the idea of it, since it is mild here in So. California and the trees that change color are different than what you have around your place. Have you seen the lovely velvet pumpkins some people make, with a real pumpkin stem glued to the top? You could make one (or ten) in no time with your sewing skills. A bit of pumpkin luxury, mixed in with all the natural decoration. Here's to a happy dental outcome, all the best!

  18. Oh, I hope all goes well with the dentist...definitely not my favorite doctor to have to see! I'm with you on decorating for fall..SOOOO ready!

  19. Oh my goodness, I love a bed on a screened in porch . . . that would be my spot :)
    Sweet dreams listening to the crickets and the frogs in your pond. Sounds like heaven:)

  20. Hi, HP -- I went hunting for the big cupboard you mentioned on your front porch. I now know your back porch from your front porch, haha! And here, I found it. You're right - she is a Beauty! She would be fabulous in a kitchen ... but I won't say anything :) I do love your porches, esp. that you have billowy curtains and a bed on your back porch. That looks so restful. Our porches need work. One is presently a greenhouse (not very good for sleeping) and the other is an unshady deck. Well, I love your cupboard!


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