Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey, you can't have too many weather updates

Little Henny...

Somebody must have said, "it's going to rain again today". Looks like I started early, sitting in the yard crying.

If you need a weather report, tune in to Henny Penny Lane. Not really, but I do complain talk about the weather a lot! Hey, the rain fell again yesterday, all day long. Weather for today? Rain, mist, drizzle, snow flurries. Seriously, I'm not complaining. Next summer when the garden is dry as a bone I will be wishing for a shower of rain. 

It's just that I need to put more T-posts put in the ground for the fence, and finish the raking, and the guinea's lot with the big pine tree laying through the middle, that needs to be cleaned up.

Mrs. Goat asks, "Did we even have a Fall season, time to prepare for winter"? I don't think so.

Remember Poppy hiding in the leaves last year...and he thought I wouldn't see him. :)

Would you believe that I have been hauling leaves back into the yard instead of away. The side yard with the fence and the clothesline, that ground is totally washing away. So, all these raked leaves I am emptying here to build new ground...

A person has to march instead of walk in a foot of leaves, and hanging clothes on the line is a little tough but that's okay. :)

Guess I had better get busy. The repair man is supposed to come look at my screaming dryer some time today. Poppy will be back soon too. He's working at the deer processing plant for a few hours this morning. I'm taking advantage of a few minutes at the computer.

Thank you for stopping. Be back soon, hopefully!



  1. That photo IS funny! Although I'm sure it wasn't at the time!
    Jane x

  2. Aww I am tired of the rain to, but like you we will probably be begging for rain at garden time. I love the baby photo so cute!
    Love you!

  3. I hadn't discovered your blog in time your wonderful photo of Poppy the first go 'round.
    Seriously, I do believe that Mrs. Goat is in the middle of a conversation!
    We've had at least two weeks of grey clouds and no sun - and I am NOT exaggerating - much rain, strangely warm weather, and now, finally, it's acting like winter again and the high today will be in the upper 20s. Weird weather for Massachusetts.

  4. I had 6 trees in my yard at one time. Now I'm down to one so it makes a big difference in leaves. Dry leaves are fun to rake but wet soggy leaves are a pain.

  5. Your Mrs. Goat is sure cute:) I would rather hear about rain than snow anyday:)

  6. That goat is so cute. Leaves are a good way to protect and build soil.

  7. it's always those darn leaves, right? We don't have any trees in our yard yet, as the two trees the builder put in died a year ago, yet we have to rake leaves too.

  8. Maybe your rain will turn to snow. I hear our Minnesota deep freeze temps (-10F last night) are moving your way. Mrs. Goat does look like she is having a conversation with you. Happy New Year to you and your family, two- and four- legged!

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  10. Happy Holidays Henny! Thank you for sharing your amazing life on your little farm with us! It's the highlight of my day!
    Take care, may 2015 bring many blessings to you and your family!
    Darlene from Calif.

  11. Never apologize for talking about the weather! It's always nice to know what you are dealing with. I hope your carefully placed leaves don't blow somewhere that you don't want them. Maybe throw some of the soiled bedding from your animal pens on it to hold it down, and that will help the leaves to rot faster too:) Happy New Year to you and yours!

  12. You have a tree down in your guinea lot? We must be separated twins--We had a tree fall down in the chicken yard and smash the fencing we let the little chicks run around in when it's warm. We haven't gotten around to chopping it up into pieces either.


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