Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A teeny tiny farm update

This has been a dreary day. Not so much rain but cloudy and gloomy. Then along about three o'clock the sun came out. Isn't it amazing how a spot of sunshine can change ones outlook on life! Suddenly, I felt like getting out and starting some major project!

When I did venture outside however I heard baby guineas chirping like, "mama, help!" Here's what happened. Mama noticed there was a big hole in the top of the pen where the tree had fallen through. She took advantage of it and "flew the coop". Four babies found their way out too. The others were calling I opened the gate and...

The young ones can fly now, so mama has been pacing back and forth wanting out.

All the critters seemed interested in the young guineas. Would you look at the size of that one oak leaf...

Mrs. Goat heard there were new guineas in the yard...

Bun Bun's home with the new bedroom added on...

Smokey says he didn't even notice those little guinea birds walk past...

Neither did old sweetie pie...

Somebody's had their nose in the mud again...

the real guard dog...

And the leaves continue to fall...

Nothing fancy here. Just a walk around our teeny tiny farm. Thank you for stopping by.

Henny Penny


  1. don't you just love a broken in leather chair?
    Love all your critters......smokey is beautiful

  2. love that muddy noise. Thanks for the quick tour.

  3. Love your small farm. I can not wait to see your baby donkeys when you get them.

    Love you

  4. The bugs will stand no chance in your yard now!

    Pecan trees can take up to 10 years before they start producing.
    Would love to email sometime.


  5. What a great tour, a great place to be.

  6. Mrs Goat's home looks as though it is the barn in the Nativity!
    Jane x

  7. How are your drawing skills? This reads like a children's story!

  8. A fine walk around the little farm, and thank goodness the guineas are ok. Your friend Marty is right, it is a perfect little childrens story and i will have to remember to show it to my grandkiddies next time they are here! My drawing materials are upstairs waiting for me...I need to get Christmas decorated and then have some artful fun! Love all the creatures at your farm.

  9. I loved the walk around your farm. So many fun critters to visit! I think Santa will need to bring Eli a new chair for Christmas. It looks like he has outgrown that one!

  10. Loved the tour and the muddy nose. So cute in that chair!

  11. All your animals make me smile:) Thanks! Love that Eli dirty nose and all:)

  12. You have a lovely farm Henny, and your adventures tickle me to pieces.
    Can't wait until you get your donkeys, more stories for us to smile at !


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