Monday, December 22, 2014

A little "hello" post

To begin this post, pictures of the guineas and chickens and such just looked so bland and dull here at warm wonderful Christmas time. So, I simply "dashed" into living room and took another picture of the mantle. Well, I have added a thing or two and since Poppy and I are going away for Christmas day there is no need in doing a lot more decorating out here in the woods...

Having the Christmas tree up and the stocking hanging over the fireplace has been fun. If nothing else it brings back good memories. Who knows, Santa just might stop by and put something in our stockings. I've been good all year. I don't know about Poppy though. He just may get a lump of coal.

Another pot of cedar... :)

I have finished off one of those cans of old fashioned hard candy and started on another. Talk about cutting down my sugar intake! Have you tried the Hershey's chocolate peppermint candy canes? The ones with a brown stripe. I do like those...

I've just come in from feeding the animals on this, another, cold rainy morning. Seems like that's all we have lately. The duckies like whole corn by the water...

After Christmas, I plan to look for a couple of Muscovy ducks. It makes me sad to think about our old ducks. They were with us a long time. Muscovy ducks become pets. These two are just pretty to watch.

Okay, I'm just rambling here. Got lots to do today and need to get busy doing it! Be back soon... I hope!



  1. Hey Mama! So pretty there! I love you!
    Your Girl

  2. Always love seeing your little farmyard and animals. Don't get me wrong, your rustic mantle is lovely to look at, but I think we all long to be on a little farmyard like yours, especially this time of year. Read on a blog recently the benefits of leaving the leaves to decay and immediately thought of you and all your hard raking work. Seems you could benefit your ground by not doing work! Will wonders ever cease? LOL. Must find that post and link for you.

  3. Your decorations look homey, warm, and beautiful. I love all the greens. They are my favorite decorations, especially when you walk past them and the scent wafts by your nose.

  4. So merry and bright Henny.
    I think the cedar boughs are some of the prettiest Christmas decorations, they simply smell heavenly and set the stage for all of the baubles and bubbles we display for the season.
    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year !

  5. Our socks are still hung on the mantel for decoration long after Santa used to fill them.

  6. I hung up our socks yesterday! We still do socks with the grands. I hope you have a lovely Christmas! :)

  7. That first photo of your fireplace scene just looks so inviting!

  8. Put a simple cookbook in Poppy's stocking:) Your mantle looks lovely!

  9. I love the simplicity of your fireplace. It's welcoming and homely.
    I wasn't going to do anything here because no one comes anyway, but I think I will go and gather a few branches of conifer and put some in a jug and some in a basket with cones. (hope you don't mind me copying!)
    When the children were young my house looked like Santa's Grotto !
    so quiet now.
    I used to have Muscovy ducks, (the quiet ones) they lay very well too.


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