Saturday, November 16, 2013


How exciting to have two new followers.

First..."The Reindeer Keeper".   Her posts bring back memories of my childhood, and teenage years...reminding me of things I had forgotten.  Remembering those days is a favorite pastime of mine anyway, so I am enjoying reading all her great posts, and keeping up with "The Reindeer Keeper"!

Also, "The Maple Syrup Mob".  Reading about their lives with their thirteen rescue cats.  Such sweet stories.  And since Poppy and I have rescued two cats...well I enjoy their stories and pictures.

Thank you both!

Poppy is hunting again this morning.  It's a good thing we were not counting on a turkey, or deer meat for the freezer this year.  This has not been a profitable hunting season. 

Just caught the hunter coming in for lunch.  I said, stop there, I need a picture for my blog!

For Poppy, simply being in the woods with the wildlife, and the peace and quiet makes it all worthwhile.  Lots of interesting stories come from sitting quietly in the woods dressed in camouflage.   I've heard about the covey of Quail that came walking up the dead, fallen tree he was sitting on without the birds even seeing him.  And the hawk that flew straight toward his face then turned abruptly when it got close.  Of course, there have been lots of deer stories.

Mama used to laugh and tell us about the time she and daddy went squirrel hunting together.  This was many years ago, way before it became so fashionable for women to hunt.  I am sure mama didn't wear a cute pink camouflage outfit.  Daddy bought each of them a Remington 22 rifle.  Daddy called his rifle the old silver side.  Daddy was known for being a great shot.  He could shoot a sweet gum ball from the top of a sweet gum tree.  Sweet gum trees grow pretty darn tall. 

Mama said the two of them were sitting quietly on the ground, leaning against a tree, holding their guns...when a squirrel came down the very tree they were leaning against.  Mama thought the squirrel was after her.  She jumped up screaming and threw her gun...daddy was yelling shoot it!!

Mama was always afraid of animals.  Even the pet squirrel we had growing up.  Mama was hanging clothes on the line one day and that squirrel, glad to see her, jumped from a tree and clung to her shoulder.  Talk about being frightened and mad...well, we all heard about it...for a while!

A very young Mama and Daddy...

 Thank you for stopping by.

Henny Penny



  1. Good morning Henny - Most remarkable how much Lynn looks like your mother!

    We were just chatting about squirrels. Mine are already fat and sassy, thanks to me trying to diet and throwing out loads of bread and such, as well as they rob the bird feeders...They are so tame, would be easy hunting for someone. However, I have never had an appetite for squirrel, especially since my poor mother who could not cook, bless her, had "fur" in our squirrel gravy. That's a story. Happy Sunday! XO Terry

    1. Dear Terry,

      Oh my, you aren't the only one trying to diet! I get so mad. I stepped on the scale after two weeks of cutting back and had not lost an ounce! Guess I didn't cut back enough!

      Have you ever heard of squirrel stew or soup? Mama used to take the broth where she cooked the squirrels and add cornmeal. It would make a creamy soup. I loved it! I can't tell you how good that stuff was. I'm just not sure what all she used and how she cooked it. Mama could cook rabbit and squirrel both. I just don't think I could cook either one.

      You need to tell me the story about the fur in the gravy. That does sound like a funny story,


  2. Hi,thanks for the welcome.The cat on the right looks just like my Zoe!
    Jane x

    1. That would be Dumperoo. Poppy found him at a trash dump when he was a kitten. He is a sweetie pie.

  3. Are the antlers for good luck...or does he rattle them together. Deer season ends here today. We have deer like squirrels..way too many so I hope it was a good hunt:)

    1. He rattles the antlers. Deer season here lasts until the end of Dec. So far this season he has not killed a deer. Thanks for the note.

  4. Thanks for including me in your post! Love that old photo of your Mama and Daddy! So glad we've connected-

  5. Hey Henny Penny, Love the picture of Poppy! I see this often at my house to for Frank hunts every chance he gets. He has had a pretty good deer season so far. He has killed 2 does and an 8 pt buck. I remember the story of the pet squirrel. Daddy use to tell it to me. I love the squirrel hunting story about paw paw and grandma. I just love your blog!!

    Love Vicki


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