Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm inside for a break..  Do you ever have a day where you can't get anything done, no matter how you try???   A day where you've been busy all day, but accomplished nothing!!!  A neighbor brought me an armload of cuttings off her yellow knockout rose bushes!!!  I've been outside trimming cuttings and filling pots!!  Another neighbor saw me and stopped to talk, and another stopped to show me a painting.  It is a beautiful, beautiful day though.  A day that is going by way too fast!!!

Here I am in the hot driveway using the wheelbarrow to pot up plants...While my lovely new potting area up at the greenhouse sits catching dust!! :) It's hard to break old habits!!

That armload of cuttings made 30 pots.  :)  Now if these will just grow...Poppy brought home this old metal cart.  The tongue is broken off but I tied a rope on front and it's perfect for hauling stuff around.  Not pretty, but it works!!

Jewel and the chicks have been in the new lot 3 days and Jewel has done nothing but pace back and forth wanting out.  Do you think she's telling me these chicks are old enough to be on their on?  This morning I opened the door and let them out...

Trouble is...when it starts getting dark and all the other chickens go in the chicken house and  fly up on the roost!  Well, I have no idea what these four will do.  Jewel will probably leave her chicks and get on the roost with the others, and I'll be out with a net, in a panic trying to catch the babies!!!

I got a couple of pictures to show you how the yard looks with some of the trees gone.  It may take clearing out 11 more to really see a difference...

There is now a lot more sun here in the back.  The stump you see in the center was a tall pine. Several trees were cut behind where I am standing taking this picture, which lets more sun in.

This opening to the pond used to be blocked with ugly cedar limbs and a dead pine.  I love trees but so glad to be rid of a few!!!

One thing I have wanted ever since we built this house is a swing on a big tree limb.  The kind of swing made using 2 ropes and a piece of wood for the seat.  When trees are too close together like ours, the limbs can't grow out long and strong.  Oh, one of my favorite poems is, "The Swing" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Oh my,  I've gone on long enough.  Thank you if you've managed to stay this long!! :)

Henny Penny


  1. Dear Henny,
    Hooray for Poppy rescuing a perfectly useful cart. Hooray for you, making 30 more yellow knock-outs from an armful of cuttings.
    Way to subdue the earth and steward the things thereof!

    P.S. Robert Louise Stevenson is one of my favorite poets too.

    1. Dear Jen,

      Hooray for you!!! I love the way you write. Thank you for the comment.

      Henny Penny


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