Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hunting Season

The funny "hunting" story is really nothing special. It's what Poppy said when he got home that made me laugh.

You know what kind of hunter Poppy is...sitting in a tree for hours, three or four days a week.  He has done this for many years.


But, the last deer he killed was in 2013. Oh, he could bring home a deer every day, but he won't kill a doe, or a young deer, or a little buck with small, he sits and waits patiently for that trophy buck to walk past, and the chance of that happening is pretty slim.

Anyhow, sitting in a tree for hours could get boring but not for Poppy. He loves being in the woods. He loves nature. He comes home with unusual mushrooms or weeds or wildflowers he thinks I might want to root.

He has tons of bird stories, like the time he was sitting in the tip top of a huge oak tree that had fallen. He walked up the length of the tree and sat in the branches. Remember, he is totally camouflaged, head to toe. So, he is sitting there perfectly still when a mother Quail followed by a row of baby quail came walking up the trunk of the tree. Poppy said it was all he could do to keep from blinking an eye or moving. She walked right up to him before realizing that something wasn't right. She quickly turned and moved her babies away.

What made me laugh the other day...Poppy came in from the woods, stopped at the dining table to take off his camouflage and lay his gun down, along with all the other stuff he carries...
(and yes, this is how the table looks all during hunting season) Anyhow, I asked if he had seen anything. No, he said, but I did save a little inchworm. He said the inchworm kept twitching, like something was wrong, so he picked it up and there was an ant biting the poor thing. He got the ant off then watched as the little worm rested a minute, then went back to measuring. But wait, that's not all...

The next day was the same, except Poppy said, what is it with these inch worms! Today I've saved an inch and half worm. A yellow jacket had caught an inchworm...but not to worry, Poppy stole the worm from the yellow jacket, saving it's life. It took a little longer for this worm to recover, but it did and went right back to measuring. I asked about the inch and a half worm. He said one was an inch long the other one about half an inch. :(

There are old sayings about inch worms, you know. Like, if you find one walking on you, it's measuring you for new clothes. Another meaning is that it's measuring you for your coffin. My brother-in-law Jimmy says he heard an inch worm walking on you means it is measuring you for a suit to bury you in. 

Can't believe I have spent my hour and a half sewing time tonight, writing this nonsense. And I have a new follower. Thank you! After this, I may have no followers. :)  Well, the little inchworm story was sweet at the time.



  1. My hubby hunts the same way. He's very excited for hunting season to start in Michigan - next week!
    I liked the inchworm story.

  2. He has a heart no matter the size of critter 😊

  3. Hi Henny- I've only been 'Hunting' once at about 14yrs old- my friend Morrie had a double barrel shot gun- as soon as the gun went 'bang!' - my Dog 'Benny' took off and headed straight for our home- I chased him all the way home to find him shivering on the back porch...we never went 'hunting' again. Regards. KEV.

  4. Funny inch worm stories. I can tell Poppy loves being out in nature and he must be a patient guy to wait so many hours for the trophy deer.

  5. I don't think life at your house is ever boring. Between the two of you you could write a book!!
    ( I hope Poppy gets his big old prize buck this year).

  6. Ahhh, I loved hearing Poppy's "hunting" stories. He has a good heart. I so appreciate you sharing with us. Here's hoping a prize buck walks right past his tree.

  7. An Inchworm is the caterpillar of a Geometer moth...
    Right! That's the serious bit out the way..HeHe! :).

    Lovely! Lovely! Story for me to wake up to..I can
    really imagine Poppy up in the branches of a tree,
    being 'attacked' by Inchworms..Bless! :).

    I'm a bit of hypocrite when it comes to game etc..
    I don't hunt, never have, never will..would never
    harm an animal in any way..but this time of year,
    over here is the shooting season..pheasants, partridge,
    rabbit..and l get given a lot of if the animal
    has demised..out comes my trusty knife to clean, gut and
    skin said animal..I never waste food..!
    And..l enjoy cooking and eating said animal..! :).

    HeHe! AND..! I see the most important thing on the table..
    The 'mobile phone', Does Poppy phone the animals up and
    lure them out into the open..! Bless!

    Oh! Just crossed my mind..if Poppy collected 12 inchworms..
    And put them in a line..he would have a 'ruler'..! Bye! Bye! :o).
    ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨ ✨πŸ‘✨

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  10. Cute story. We have only seen one doe this month, in our back pasture. No bucks.

  11. All I can say about inch worms, is they seem to devour my rose bushes. At least the worms I see are
    green so I guess they are the same!
    The bucks here are walking about in our yard in broad daylight looking for the does! Fun to see, but a few
    less does would keep the population down. Maybe Poppy could think along those lines and get a doe.

  12. You will probably have more stories with your inch worm tale. Here you had me expecting a good deer story.

  13. Sometimes I think the best place for a hunter to rest is beeside a country road.

  14. I like the story where Poppy saves the inchworm from the ant. I used to try to save earthworms that cross the sidewalk and seem to dry up and die there. I'd put them back in the grass. Not sure it ever worked.

  15. I've never heard those sayings about the inchworm! Glad you husband saves them! I would too!

  16. Enjoyed reading about Poppy's hunting adventures. : )

  17. If I could follow you again, I would do it in a heartbeat...just because of the inch worm story! :~) I surely can relate to all that hunting paraphernalia being scattered around throughout the house.

  18. There is something so incongruously sweet and funny about that guy of yours sitting in a tree with that powerful weapon and rescuing a inchworm.

  19. Those are the best "hunting" stories I've ever heard. I can imagine sitting in a tree noticing what goes on in the life of an inchworm. The quail encounter is fabulous! I wonder if the mama quail heard his heart beating loudly!

  20. I like his attitude on hunting. I think you should compile a collection of inchworm stories.

  21. What a cute hunting story. So nice to hear there still great people living in what can sometimes seem lie a crazy and uncaring world. :0) ... Hope yall and all your babies stay warm..Winter already here in NC. Yuk. :0( .. Body too old for this cold.. Have a blessed weekend.

  22. I would have never known how tender-hearted he was with animals. Love you!

  23. I enjoyed the inchworm stories! I hope Poppy has good luck this year! We have a big Buck that wanders through our yard but now it is hunting season:)

  24. I loved this story! Talking about being camouflaged...Roger was up in the tree one day...all camo as you say...even the face paint. A hawk lit right beside him in the tree...and he was staying right still and the hawk turned its head and was just studying him and it dawned on him that it was watching his eyes and he thought he better watch out before it attacked him, so he moved or said something....and scared it about to death.

  25. I loved this story, well worth your sewing time! Poppy must be a very gentle and patient man. I love the story of the quail, they are such beautiful birds. It seems to me I can't be quiet in the woods, I am always rustling something or making a racket, so kudos to poppy for his endless patience. Thank you for this story! Terry

  26. Your Poppy sounds like my son Adam...he will sit for of the kitties actually crawls up in his tree stand and snuggles with his every now and then. No deer yet this season but hopefully soon since the plug on his freezer mistakenly was pulled out by a worker and all his meat spoiled!! Good luck to your Poppy!

  27. "Poppy's Hunting Stories" would make a great book, you know!!!


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