Thursday, February 7, 2019

Been outside in the sun

Gosh friends, didn't plan to be gone so long. Had I known, I would have said goodbye.

There's just no sense in anybody going this crazy over a few warm sunny day! I've been like a mad woman!

Let's see...we dug up the big cedar stump in front of the shop. The one from the cedar tree that fell during that last hurricane. That took the better part of a day!

We then had to re-build the path...

and scrounge up all the bricks we could find here and there, then make a trip to Lowes in Wake Forest for a load of red rock...

and I spent a day digging rich black soil from behind the chicken lot to fill in the yard on the right side of the path, which had become a big mud hole with all the rain lately.

Then back to the chicken lot and the retaining wall I built from scrap pieces of tin...

The wall seems to be working, but it all needed something to make it look a little better.

Went to Walmart and bought three cans of flat black spray paint. Then dug out load after wheelbarrow load of that black soil and dumped it in the front yard, leaving a right pretty path around the back of the chicken lot...after raking up two loads of pine straw from off the dam and bringing it here.

Looking better, but all that rusty rebar needed something too...maybe I'll weave twigs in and out of that old rebar! A wattle fence!

but shoot! It doesn't show up as pretty in the picture as it looks in person.

Still need to finish up those side pieces. Just got tired of working on the chicken lot and went on to more fun stuff.

The playhouse!

My daughter Andee and son-in-law Todd took down a gazebo from their back yard and gifted us with a stack of really nice boards. Todd said, "you could use them to build a floor in your playhouse". Well, my mind has not rested since hearing those words. 

See, I've never really been happy with the playhouse, (potting shed), because of the wet, messy, uneven ground. The potting bench never sat level and was no fun to use.

Never built a floor before! First I found four 4" x 4" posts for the foundation, then dug and chopped and raked trying to get all these posts level. Poppy said once I got all the boards measured and marked, he would cut them with the skill saw, or is it called a circular saw?? We got half the boards cut.

Tomorrow we've got errands to run. Oh, and Eli has an appointment with the groomer, which he really needs, especially after playing inside the garden fence while I worked on the playhouse floor and Poppy re-painted the front of the shop.

He is like a big ball of velcro. I did get the other side brushed off before he got on his blanket.

Like me, all the animals have enjoyed these warm sunny day after weeks of rain! 

Better end this. Here it is bedtime. Getting late, and I hear Poppy milling around in the kitchen!  I promise to visit and catch up once again. Thank you for visiting.



  1. Love those kinds of productive days! So wonderful to have the warm sunshine to get out and get things done! You were very creative with the metal fence you built, and the floor to the playroom will be wonderful to enjoy when it gets finished too! So many fun projects happen come springtime weather for sure! Don't over do it though :) Easy enough to do, lol! Blessings :)

  2. Wow you are alway doing something. It reminds me of stories that daddy use to tell me of Aunt Vasti. Not sure if I spelled it correct.But anyway. I love the path that you all made and I can not wait to see your floor for the playhouse. Eli is so cute even dirty. Love you bunches

  3. Sun???? I'm sure it's up there somewhere. You sure got a lot done. It all looks great. We still have a few months before we can work outside in Northern Indiana.
    Xx, Carol

  4. I love all the things you've done... the playhouse, the new black fence, the path, everything looks great! You work so hard it amazes me how you get things done. I hope you have lots more sunny days because I'm sure you must have more projects in mind.

  5. I love what you are doing to the playhouse! How exciting! I'm glad you got some days of sunshine - that will really lift your spirits. We are still having lots of winter here with an ice storm yesterday and today. It's hard to even walk out to the mailbox with all the ice. Spring will come eventually! I just love seeing Eli! He is so cute taking his teddy bear everywhere!

  6. Well, I'm glad someone got some sunshine this week. The older I get, the more I feel the need for it. I sure do miss it; we haven't had much sunshine all winter. We got over 2.5 inches of rain over a couple of days, but no ice or snow like some places. So I guess I can't complain too much. I'm always impressed by how much you get done, Henny. As my mama used to say, you sure are a worker! That black paint and the path sure look good. And I know that Eli will surely look good after he gets groomed.

  7. Mad Woman? Mad Women? Goodness..dated a few of them
    in my time..HeHe! AND! Survived..!!! 😃

    Well..everything is looking splendid's ALL
    coming together very nicely! The new path looks good
    to..will you be painting it yellow..
    "Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Follow the Yellow Brick Road.
    Follow, follow, follow, follow...(Oh! you know the rest)....

    And..l must say..that is the first time l've seen Eli with
    a few leaves stuck to his fur..l always think how amazing
    it is and how clean and white he is, living like he does
    in a 'jungle'..HeHe! Bless! Is he bathed and groomed before
    a photo shoot..Ah! Those were the days! 😊

    Nearly 7:30 over here, just becoming into town a
    bit later, coffee at Costa with a few friends, though it's a
    bit wet and cloudy, but warm..!
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

    How about giving the shed a name...
    Justin Timbershed..
    ‘Ted’ (the shed)
    The Ruminator..

  8. You get an A+ for utilizing your streak of warm days so well!

  9. Wow, your weather is great. Here? Not so great. Looks like you got a lot of outdoor time in.

  10. You sure put Poppy to work! I love your passsion for your home. I feel bad for your back but I'm also rather envious, if that makes sense. You have an excuse to get out there (and dig/ rake/ chop) to build a foundation for a floor for a playhouse--- how cool is that! Plus you say you've never done it before. Huh? You're like super-woman, you know how to get stuff done once you put your mind to it. You're lucky, too, that Poppy helps so much. Anyway, I don't need to use my imagination, I can see the chicken lot fence looks better already. Everything is so tidy and clean. I'm thankful you've had your days of warm sunshine, makes me excited for similar weather coming our way... maybe by the end of next month, haha. It's February in Canada, but it's almost over-- it must be because I'm getting excited for spring. How beautiful the seasons are.
    Continued blessings to your family and home!

  11. Where do you get all your energy from, lady??? You put the rest of us to shame! I was the same last weekend when there was a little sun - I couldn't get enough of it! Too much snow on the ground to get anything done outdoors, but I did get the garage tidied up so that's a plus!

  12. You get a lot done in one day. No wonder it's hard to post on the blog.

  13. Looking great!
    Skil saw, circular saw, same beast. :)
    Does your Lowes sell in bulk? Just curious how much a load of red gravel was.
    Will this new cold front get to you?

  14. Gosh you have been making the most of all that sunshine, working like a beaver. Love the wattle fence and how fun you will soon enjoy a wood floor on your 'playhouse'. You always amaze me with the amount of things you get done around your lovely home. I did smile at Eli's fur and all the bits attached to it. I would imagine he would indeed be like a very big strip of velcro.

  15. You have been SO busy Henny Penny! You have achieved so much though & its all looking wonderful. Your playhouse is going to be great with the new flooring. Hugs for dear Eli Xxx

  16. You're making a floor? Good job, Henny!

  17. Wow, you two have been busy and I think it all looks great! You're inspiring me to 'keep' working in my gardens down here in s.e. FL. I was able to get out side the past two days and am happy with the way things are starting to take shape. Would like to get a lot done before summer's heat and humidity come down on us.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  18. Wow you have been busy. We had a nice warm for a few days but with all the snow melting it just made lots and lots of mud. We have to wait a while yet before we can get back outside.

  19. You make me itch to get out and dig in the soil! Things are looking good at your place. I have heard the saw called both things...

  20. diane in northern wisFebruary 8, 2019 at 6:25 PM

    Henny, you and Poppy are such hard workers! I am always amazed at all the things you accomplish around your house and yard. Amazing. Thank you for showing us all the latest projects, which look just great, by the way. Can't wait to see what you're up to next!

  21. I am so impressed! No wonder you were MIA - you got so much done! It looks wonderful!

  22. Wow, you are a busy lady! Hope your back is doing okay after all that physical labour. I like the red path! The saw would probably have been a circular saw, but Skil is a brand of circular saw. Larry has a big old one from his working in construction days, and we refer to it as the Skil saw. We have had some sunny days, but cold, so not too great for working outside as the ground is frozen. I've sewn 51 basic aprons and have now moved on to bags. Funny though, not really seeing much in the way of empty shelves yet where my fabric is stacked.

  23. You have certainly been busy, you have achieved so much. The new path looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing how you got on laying the floor to your playhouse. Always a joy to see Eli, he is such a cutie.

  24. I love your description of Eli: “He’s like a big ball of Velcro”! That’s exactly what our border collie is! Every single time she comes in from outside we have to pull all the long pine needles and debris off her haunches or she leaves it all over the house. Your yard really shows all your hard work.

  25. Look at all the work you all got done!! Oh my, why does having a little farm involve so much HAULING of stuff from one place to another? I think we spend a lot of time hauling mulch, compost, pine straw, etc. Eli is such a doll. Bless his sweet face! Your play house is looking great! I want to see that finished floor. Now I'm wondering if I need to make a play house for my grandbabies when they come along.

  26. Oh what a mere bit of sunshine will do for getting one busy outdoors. Your path is looking good. So much work. Eli is so handsome even covered in weeds :)! Have a good weekend. Hugs!

  27. Todd is definitely an enabler in both senses of the word. But the floor for the playhouse does sound like a good idea.

    I envy you those nice sunny days and it must be fairly warm to be doing so much work outdoors. It's been terribly cold here last week and wet this past week---a wintery mix tomorrow and who knows what after that? There seems to be no end to this weird winter weather. I guess I shouldn't fuss----it's only early February after all. But I do see the plants I brought in for the winter perking up and leaning ever more toward the windows and growing up and up so that is always a good sign that spring is indeed coming one of these days. Flower catalogs are clogging the mail box which adds to the anticipation and I have several long lists of plants to move and even longer lists of plants to maybe get. I'll have to do some serious cutting back of those since it is easy to get carried away with possibilities this time of year.

  28. There is never anything better than a pretty sunny day. And it looks like you made good use of it all! Love seeing what your busy hands have accomplished!

  29. Your paths look great! And those boards are a perfect floor for your potting area, it looks so nice and sunny there:)

  30. You work rings around me, Henny! You are my hero, taking on the effort of being a floor in the potting shed, what a trooper! So beautiful there and Eli is a big old softy... Love and happy pre-spring Terry

  31. Building a floor, Henny! Terry

  32. You have certainly been busy and it all looks wonderful. Love that red rock walkway.

  33. OMG ..DIdn't you get alot done, while the sun was shining...GOOD FOR YOU !!! I like your idea for the potting shed ... the playhouse timbres will be perfect..then you can play with your plants( ha ha) Country living is alot of work, I know because we too live outside of the city limits... and there's always so much to do , but hey, it would be boring otherwise . ELi makes me laugh ...I bet he was rolling all the leaves and sunshine...Looks like everyone had a happy an dproductive day ... YEAH!!!! ...This was a inspiring post ..Thanks...Have a Hapapy Valentine's Day !!! ..Hugs

  34. Lovely play house...
    have a great day

  35. Wow you were productive.If I have one of those days I pay for it later. Love all your progress.


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