Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A quick visit

I don't know where five days have gone, but that's how long it's been since my last post. Maybe I've just been busy opening and closing curtains.

Angel garlands. I cut these from paper chicken feed sacks. After painting them, I added a coat of Mod Podge and hung them in the laundry room to dry. These will go on my table at the craft bazaar Friday. Once the Mod Podge dries, the angels will flatten out.

We are having unusually warm humid weather for the end of November. 71 degrees today and 92 percent humidity. Poppy and I actually heard it thunder once, and tomorrow there is a chance of thunderstorms.

It was a good day to move the hen and eight chicks out of the old doghouse and into a pen on the ground. Mama hen was restless and needed to scratch in the dirt. 

Luckily, I caught them all...tricking them into small cage with cornbread crumbs, then moved them to a pen on the back of the old shed.

Ms. Hen was tickled to death to get a dust bath. Sitting four weeks in that doghouse was tiring.

The chicks thought maybe mama had gone mad. All that kicking and throwing dirt and dust everywhere.

The chicks are in the lot I built last summer from rabbit wire. I've covered one end with a tarp and hung the heat lamp above their straw bed...

making them a warm cozy corner. Once this front passes, we will have more cold weather.

What's wrong with me anyway! Sunday, Poppy and I went down home to Moore County. We were invited there by his sister Pat, to have Thanksgiving dinner at their house. All Poppy's family was invited, and most all of them came.

Here's the funny part...out of all the people and food and good times...the only picture I took was of the big bowl of mashed potatoes sitting on the stove. Pat said she peeled ten pounds of potatoes before going to church Sunday morning.

these potatoes were delicious. I'm telling you, I can't make good mashed potatoes...not even using only three potatoes, but these were buttery and delicious.

Both Poppy's sisters, Frances and Pat, are great cooks.  Oh, and look at that dish of macaroni and cheese!

I simply don't have the personality to go round snapping pictures of everybody. It embarrasses me. So the mashed potatoes will have to tell all. 

while we are on the subject of kitchen stuff...I ran in the Goodwill store one day last week and found this pretty butter dish.  Wonder how long that little rose bud handle will last, around me!

Better get up from here. I will be around to visit and catch up. 



  1. Well if you only got one picture, that big ole bowl of taters takes first place in my book! Mama Hen sure has a lot of little ones to look after. Hope the thunder storms don't get them too wet.

  2. Your butter dish is so pretty and I can't wait to see your angels when they are dry and decorating your both. Our daughter and granddaughters flew home and stayed a week, it was wonderful. Then we had out of town company for three days. It's been busy, but absolutely wonderful :)

  3. That is one adorable sight mama hen and her chicks I bet they keep you entertained :) I am glad your Thanksgiving was nice!

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  5. Cute garlands. I'm happy to see mama hen is doing well.

  6. Thar big yellow bowl of mashed potatoes reminds me of Thanksgiving at my mom and dad's house when they were still on the farm and the family still gathered there. There was always a big yellow bowl full of mashed potatoes.

  7. Love the story of Ms Hen. Glad she was finally able to get a good bath. A lady always feels better after a bath. Hope the pen is snake proof.

  8. Thats one of the PRETTIEST bowls of mashed "taters" I've ever seen! I also peeled ten lbs and made a big bowl. Mine didn't look as pretty but they sure did taste good and we finished up the leftovers last night. Wow, thats a great find on the pretty butter dish, love it! So glad all those lil baby chicks are doing well, I was wondering about them

  9. Buttery mashed potato and macaroni cheese, heavenly. Love the little butter dish, I would be wary of the handle as well. Mother Hen is doing a grand job raising her babies and earned her dust bath.

  10. The days do just seem to fly by. It seems like I just turned the calendar over to November a few days ago.
    So glad to see Mama Hen and her chicks doing well.
    Great find at the Goodwill store.
    Have a nice day!

  11. I'm sure Mama Hen was happy for a change of scenery after four weeks staring at the four walls. I would be! That is truly a lovely bowl of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes.

  12. Mama, thank you for the giggles this morning with my coffee. I love this post. I am sure the handle on that butter dish will last a long time. Just leave it put up when I am there. It is beautiful! I love finding stuff like that. You are the REAL mama hen around there. I know mama hen is happy now. I love you! Oh, and the mashed potatoes look yummy!! Your girl.

  13. That is SOME huge bowl of mashed potatoes and we all know how much work it took to make it! Love the pictures of mama hen and her darling little babies. I enjoy all the pictures you post of your animals there on the farm. No matter what the subject is in your posts, I love reading it. Thank you for writing this blog and I only wish you could write every day but I know how much time and energy that would take.

    Shirley H.

  14. How sweet are those little chicks, I'm glad their mama had a chance for a break and a dustbath, a bit of 'me' time for her! Cute butter dish, and big yum for the mashed potatoes xx

  15. I just love visiting you. I enjoy seeing the critters and hearing all about what you are doing. :-) My boys love mashed potatoes!! They would dig into that big bowl.
    xx oo

  16. So nice to hear that you were with family for Thanksgiving. The mashed potatoes are an amazing sight, so tall and fluffy in that perfect yellow bowl! Once in awhile mine turn out almost that nice, but we don't have them very often and I get out of practice.
    Your hen and chicks are going to be fun to watch. Glad you moved them to a safe spot.
    Granddaughter Daphne and I wore the pumpkin aprons to make cranberry sauce and decorate for thanksgiving. So cute!

  17. Wow that is some huge amount of mashed potatoes!! I love mashed potatoes.
    A very pretty butter dish.
    While it isn't quite that warm here as by you, we are still having very warm weather for this time of year.
    It is raining again today and it should be snowing!!

  18. They probably use butter and cream in those mashed potatoes! I bet Mama Hen was grateful for the dirt bath:)

  19. Temperatures in the 70's at the end of November seems odd. Nice though. I'm already tired of winter and it hasn't even officially arrived!
    I hope mama hen's eight chicks all do well. The heat lamp will keep them cozy when it turns cold.
    Love your pretty butter dish.

  20. Those little baby chicks are so cute! That is one huge delicious looking mashed potatoes. Like the butter dish. neat find! Nacy

  21. I'm so much the same when it comes to taking photos. I want to have them for memories but I'm just not motivated to do it during the festivities. The chicks are so cute. Did they get a dust bath too? Have a great day.

  22. Oh, Henny! The hen and chicks are SO CUTE!
    The potatoes DO look delish (as does the mac and cheese!)
    I love your butter dish, too!

  23. Aww cute chickies! Nice little butter dish. Can you fit a whole pound in there? It always used to aggravate me when I'd have to cut a piece out of the big block to make it fit in the dish.


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