Sunday, October 16, 2016

We had a nice visit

Eli sure enjoyed having company yesterday; said it was good to have some younger folks here for a change.

This is Grandson Daniel and his girlfriend Miriam.

and Miriam is just as sweet and pretty as I had been told she was...and she can run too, Eli said.

Daniel loves to fish and even though the pond is still muddy from Matthew, he gave it a try. Got a bite or two, but never brought one in. He is quite the fisherman though and has brought home some big fish.

Weetie fell in love with Miriam too.

We fed the fish and eventually got three large catfish and a carp to come in close to the pier.

Drinking more pond water.

and resting in the shade,

and Weetie too.

I put a big pan of lasagna in the oven for lunch and it turned out really good. Would you believe that was my first time making lasagna from scratch? It was! Hopefully, it won't be my last. But guess what I did, layering the lasagna! First I put in four lasagna noodles, overlapping. Then I spread half the cottage cheese/egg/parsley mixture, then spread half the meat/tomato mixture, then the layer of cheese slices...and started on the second layer. All finished and feeling mighty proud with that last layer of sliced cheese on top, I looked around and there sat the other four noddles in the pot. Gasp!! I had to carefully remove the layer of cheese slices, and carefully dip out, spoonful by spoonful, the meat mixture, and then carefully dip out the cottage cheese mixture...then start over with that darn layer of noodles and put everything back in place. That's pretty normal for me though...and it was time for our company to arrive. 

Everything worked out fine and we enjoyed the day. The chocolate pie turned out pretty good too.

Poppy was with us for a while but yesterday was the first day of deer season, well, regular gun season and he just had to get into the woods.

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  1. One of the first things I made as a newlywed was lasagna. I used the big glass casserole dish I got as a wedding present and it looked like a photo in a magazine when I took it out of the oven. I'll never know if it tasted as good as it looked because I dropped it on the floor on the way to the dining table. Broken glass and food everywhere. I was so upset, it was years before I bought another dish and tried it again.

  2. I cannot imagine how you keep Eli so white with him running around outside. You make me hungry for homemade lasagna. I've made it many times but not lately.

  3. Oh, look at those dogs. They really do love company. Our Kane used to love when the family came home. Miriam looks like a very sweet person. Glad the lasagna turned out even with the last minute makeover. I bet they really enjoyed visiting Henny Penny. :)

  4. Nice to "meet" Miriam and Daniel. I know you all had a nice visit and Eli and Weetie look very happy, too. I've never made lasagna from scratch. I have, many times, left out an ingredient of a recipe and had to "back track" to put it in! lol
    Hope Poppy has a good time in the woods. Wishing you a pleasant evening and many blessings. xo

  5. Nice looking young couple! Dogs are a good judge of character. I make lasagna from scratch too...but I use layers of noodles, sauce and meat with Parmsan cheese alternate layers until the pan is full and top with Mozzerella Cheese. We like it and it freezes well:)

  6. I'm glad your lasagna turned out delicious in the end. That's what counts, right? I should make some again but since I don't eat meat ( especially I detest hamburger meat) and DH doesn't consider it lasagna without meat we have a problem. I suppose I could make it half and half; maybe I'm just lazy.

    Your grandson and girlfriend make such a lovely couple. I'm sure you had a great visit.

  7. So happy that you got to spend time with your oldest grandson and his girlfriend. I love lasagna. I need to make a pan of it soon. So I think I read that you used slice cheese. I have never tried it with sliced cheese I use shredded mozzarella and cheddar. I layer it just like you! I love lasagna and spaghetti! I am making sweet potato pies tomorrow.
    Love you bunches!

  8. Daniel and Miriam are a cute couple. It was sweet of him to bring his girlfriend to meet his grandma. I make lasagna for special family dinners when the extended family gets together for birthdays and such. I have to make 3 pans to feed them. I lay our my noodles on foil after they're cooked, put my sauce in soup bowls so they're even (2 cups per layer), and cut my ricotta into sections (I use it instead of cottage cheese). The only thing I don't measure carefully is the Parmesan & mozzarella. I use shredded mozzarella and just pile it on. The more, the better! I want each layer to be as much like the others as possible. I'm not usually so picky, but there's something about lasagna that makes me want it to be perfect. When I was a young bride chocolate pie was my husband's favorite.

  9. I bet your lasagna was scrumptious, Henny!
    It looks like Daniel and Miriam had lots of fun!

  10. How wonderful to have such lovely company she certainly is a beautiful girl. The lasagne sounds delicious and all the better when it is made from scratch with love.

  11. Such a sweet couple! I'm glad they were able to spend time with you. I've made lasagna from scratch any times and I do it the same as you except I use ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese and shredded mozarella instead of slices. Yours sounds wonderful. The chocolate pie too. Have a blessed week.

  12. Cute couple, my husband would have been right along side your grandson fishing. I've never tried making lasagna from scratch, you're a brave soul.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. : )

  14. Lasagna AND chocolate pie, yum! I had to laugh about disassembling the pan and putting it back together because it sounds like me. Not too long ago I made cupcakes and filled the liners with batter, looked around, and there was the egg on the counter. I had to empty each one back into the bowl, stir, and fill new liners with the batter that was left!

  15. So sweet!! Wish I coulda been there!! I miss blogging and keeping up with others but I am over not having my own computer. Ha ha. Soon I hope to have one. Love you mama!! Your girl, Lynn

  16. Miriam and Daniel are a cute couple. Glad they took the time out to come and visit you, and it looks like every one had some fun!

  17. I agree Miriam and Daniel are too cute... That lasagna sounds good wanna give it a try.. See what my family think thanks for sharing the recipe with us.. So cute but not you forgot the other noodles ai ghave do t things like that here and there.. Lol..well but you fixed it up.. Hapoy weekend with love Janice


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