Thursday, June 18, 2015

We got rain!!

A row of wet Guineas?

A little before ten last night, there was a loud boom of thunder, then either wind or hail or rain, or all three...our lights went out and came back on, went out again and came back on. Then the lights went out and stayed out and the generator came on.  Of course just when you really NEED the TV to see if there are storm warnings out there,  there is no TV. With Direct TV there is no signal when it rains or storms.

We had thunderstorms most of the night as the sound of thunder kept waking me. We needed this rain!

Couldn't wait to look outside this morning. Here is what I found...

Another tree down. This time across the grape vines, arbor, and my clothesline.

This tree fell awfully close to the Bantam's pen. It could have crushed it and my little bantam hen is sitting on eggs inside there.

You know who...always under my feet checking out the damage too.

Sticks and limbs that were scattered about the yard by the storm. This small problem in nothing compared to the rainfall and flooding in Texas and I feel so bad for those people. 

This hot, humid...and I do mean HUMID weather drains what little energy I have. Okay, back to work. This bedroom MUST be dusted today. I'd rather dig stumps! Guess I'll go search for a dust rag. Bye!


Old sweet Dumperoo.


  1. you're right, here in Texas we've had enough. A huge oak tree cracked right at the base and fell right over, luckily away from the road right by it. We've had rain for a week now and it appears our damn will be breached again soon by rising waters. We are for the most part happy to get the water after so many years of drought, but really wish we could share some with California at this point!

  2. Oh my goodness- I'm so glad the tree limbs didn't fall on your hen. I'v seen a lot of wind damage lately with trees down and it makes me feel like I need to cut the pines down in front of my house. I'm tired of rain, just seems to be never-ending. just like the cold and ice and snow this past winter.

  3. Goodness what a mess from this storm, thank goodness you are all safe.

  4. Funny girl. The humidity gets to you (and oh, how I agree!); but you'd rather dig stumps. ;-)
    I despise dusting, too, though...
    So glad you didn't lose your brood hen!
    Do you have a lot of oaks? Ours are always dropping limbs when it's windy.
    Have a blessed weekend. ♥

  5. Well, most importantly - Dumperoo is comfortable!!
    What a mess, though. I hope your grapevines weren't seriously damaged.

  6. Oh I'm sorry to see the damage in your 'yard', as long as everyone is OK that's the important thing.
    We are getting coverage of the flooding here in UK, it's terrible. Those poor people and animals.

  7. Another tree falling and just missing something important! Someone must be looking out for you. A mess to clean up for sure but there could have been so much more damage. I love thunderstorms but draw the line at falling trees. Hot and humid and rainy off and on here for most of the past week, I'll be glad to see some clear skies.

  8. Summer storms here in the south can really be doozies. We've had no rain and our air conditioner went out this afternoon, thank goodness we have another one upstairs and a window unit in the bedroom.

  9. Living on a treed property has it's hazards. I had a treed lot for more than 40 years. Trees fell but there was no serious damage. I did spend time taking down trees that I thought might be dangerous.

  10. So sorry for all the destruction but at least mama Bantam is okay and you got the rain you needed. The row of bedraggled Guineas is kind of funny!

  11. I'm glad you have a generator. With the heat and humidity it would be miserable without electricity, at least for fans if not air conditioning. We used to have Direct TV and I hated that we got no reception in storms. When service other than satellite or local cable (which we had tried and grew to dislike) became available, we switched and have great service. We're not at home right now and know that there's a lot of rain there, too. Our neighbor called yesterday and told us that a tree had uprooted from the saturated ground and had fallen in our front yard. Luckily it didn't hit anything. We got a tree service to go cut it up and it's already gone. At least by being away from home, we didn't have to cut and haul wood. I'm so glad your tree didn't take down your bantam's pen. Is the arbor they got hit the same one you just showed a few days ago? It was so pretty. It's a shame it was destroyed, no matter which one it was.

  12. Sounds like it got rough around your house. We had some rain and a little thunder. Glad the tree did not hit the hen pen.

    Love you

  13. Wow, that was quite the weather event! Glad damage wasn't any worse, although that is bad enough. Sounded like you were needing rain? I'm excited because it is raining here this evening, but we probably won't get enough of it. It is very dry here. Usually we are complaining about the rain.

  14. Wow! That was a storm. The first thing I thought is good thing the tree didn't fall on your chicken/hen coop. Such terrible flooding in different places around the world. My friends in Kenya have been experiencing a lot of rain and flooding and loss of life too in cities like Mombasa and Nairobi and Narok where many tourists go as they go to Masaii Mara on safari. We too got rain today but like you we can use it. xx

  15. Glad you and the animals are okay. That must have been a tree with a problem...either that or a hazard tree...that what I call a tree with two trunks...they are not as strong as a single trunk. Direct TV suck in the rain, that is one reason we have cable and it is cheaper about 70 a month!

  16. So glad the tree missed most stuff on its way down. I bet Mama Bantam wondered what the big thump was, though. I don't have any energy at all in this heat and humidity. I'm about ready to go back to Minnesota!


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