Thursday, February 7, 2013


I am so excited about my blog...I have to keep checking in to make sure it's still there, where I left it!  Seriously, if it wasn't for my sweet, sweet daughter Lynn, I would not be here having this fun.  It's good to have something new to think about all night as I toss and turn!!  Knowing that I wanted to post about the chickens this morning, (after all, this is Henny Penny Lane), I must have counted my hens at least a dozen times in my head during the night!

We have about 21 large chickens, different breeds, and 2 are roosters. We wanted only 1 rooster; a farm is not a farm without a rooster crowing at the crack of dawn.  Things can change in a hurry though.  Our only rooster Clyde, (he has only one leg), was living with the hens in the chicken lot.  Back in October someone quietly pulled into our driveway after dark and dropped a big orange rooster into our goat lot and sped away!  At first my husband was angry but this big rooster was so beautiful and such a nice boy, we kept him.  I started calling him "Big Boy" and he actually comes to me when I call.  I am careful not to let him near Clyde. Clyde would not stand a chance if a fight broke out over the hens! I make sure Big Boy can't get out of the goat lot when I let the others out to free range.  There's always a couple of hens that fly over to visit Big Boy so he's happy! 

This is my sweet Annie

Oops! Sorry for the dirty hen house, lots of rain lately!


  1. I think the hen house is beautiful! I want to someday have a place that looks like yours. It doesn't help that I have started over at 50!! Ha ha. I saw a greenhouse today -- a walk-in, not hugely sturdy looking, but I wonder if a person could get one year out of it. It was in Big Lots for -- are you ready? -- $119.00!!!

    Love you Mom!!!

    1. Thank you Lynn. Everything you do is beautiful! Just wait til your new yard is finished. That greenhouse sounds good. Mine is bolted to a garden post to make it stronger.

      Love you too Lynn!!


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