Saturday, March 21, 2015

BunBun moved out

I'm taking a break while the kitchen floor dries...the final step in the big job of cleaning, scrubbing and tearing down BunBun's home in the laundry room. How do people keep rabbits indoors! Unbelievable, the work I make for myself!

What was it, three day ago that I spent half a day moving all the feed buckets and stuff out of the laundry room? Hunting and searching for places to put everything. Even tore down Smokey's little house on the front porch so I could use it for BunBun's home in the laundry room. Well I couldn't take it any longer. I have washed the laundry room walls, wiped down the washer and dryer and scrubbed the floor with clorox water. Rabbits are messy!

Not to worry though. BunBun is warm and cozy in his outside cage with a heat lamp. He seems much happier...and so am I! Those baby guineas I raised all winter are about grown and no longer need the lamp.

BunBun's little bedroom filled with a straw mattress. The room I added on a month or so ago.

Speaking of's six of the thirteen we now have roaming the property. Sure hope these guineas help with the tick problem this summer. Here spring has just arrived and I've had eight tick bites already. I'm counting this year!

Looks like Smokey found somebody's catnip pillow...

and just can't get enough...

Here it is 5:30. Time to start supper...and Poppy is home! Better get busy. Thank you for visiting again.



  1. BunBun looks very happy to be back outdoors and Smokey looks very happy to have found a catnip friend! I love all his toes wrapped around it.

  2. Rabbit poo is supposed to be the best fertilizer for your garden, as it doesn't need to be composted before use.
    I've read guineas are supposed to be deadly to ticks. Good luck! I'll be looking forward to your report.
    God bless.

  3. Bun Bun looks much happier now.
    I have one of those heat lamps set up in the living room over Lady Leah 1 armchair ! as she is so old, her body temperature can drop so she is kept toasty warm with the lamp !

  4. Your Guineas should thrive on the ticks...I talked to an old old Doctor he said he takes one doxycycline pill after getting bit by a tick so he won't get Lymes Disease. I am sure both you and Bunbun are happier when he is outside:)

  5. Yes, rabbits (and guinea pigs both are stinky indoor pets, and messy! Bun-Bun looks happy in his new home. I hope your guineas tackle the tick problem..I've heard they really do a good job on them.

  6. I'll have to let my oldest daughter read your post when she stops by tomorrow. She's been talking about getting a rabbit to keep her company in her apartment. She probably doesn't know how messy they are. I love the pictures of Smokey playing with the pillow... :)

  7. Didn't take long for those guineas to grow up, fingers crossed they will help with the tick problem.

  8. Thoroughly enjoy reading about your hard work! I've only been in about 2nd gear lately. Maybe the warming weather will motivate me...

  9. Rabbits are supposed to make good indoor pets, and can be trained to use a litter box. Maybe Bunbun didn't get the memo:) You could have sewn him up a coat! I'm sure he'll be fine, it sounds as though your weather is warming up nicely.
    Aren't cats funny when they start playing with the catnip?:)

  10. I almost got guineas when I got the new chicks! I was so close to doing it LOL... but in the end I wound up going back and getting 4 batam chicks to go with my other five regular sized chicks I got LOL .. so ya now there are 9 but I have promised myself no more than 9 lol .. maybe next spring I will get some guineas.

  11. What we do for our pets! I once had two pet beds with heating pads under them to keep my furry friends warm! It was an especially cold winter in Calif. We've only had about an hour of cold weather the last couple years so no heating pads. Love the picture of Eli and Smokey! It's precious! Just made my day!
    Take care!

  12. Oh, mom, Bun-Bun looks great! Very comfy and very, very trimmed! :) I bet BunBun feels much better! I love you! Can't wait to see you some time soon. Your Gur, Lynn


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